Google has launched, which features the latest news, product announcements, technical documentation, and code samples from popular apps.

“Whether you’re a web, Android, or Linux developer who’s just getting started or a certified expert, you’ll find all the information you need on,” Iein Valdex, head of Chrome OS developer relations, wrote in a post.

New features for Chrome OS developers include integrated tabs and shortcuts, the ability to customize Terminals by selecting a theme, and new redesigned Terminal settings. 

Twitter’s new developer experience
The redesigned developer experience includes a new developer portal, updated docs, and new support section.

“Our onboarding wizard has drastically simplified the process of creating your first App and getting API keys — getting you what you need faster. We reduced our initial App creation process from 10 fields to 1 so that you can get to the good stuff and start trying out the API quickly,” Alyssa Reese, senior product designer at Twitter, wrote in a blog post.

The updates include contextual documentation links,  improved landing pages to help you find relevant content more quickly and an API demo tool that lets users look at the structure of different requests and responses before they even open up their terminal.

New site launched
The new website brings together the open source Gatsby (.org) and the Gatsby, Inc. (.com) sites together in a single domain. 

This unification initiative evolved because Gatsby users too often ended up split between two separate domains, with two separate “Get Started” user journeys, according to Gatsby.

The company also announced that it’s looking to add a number of projects in the coming weeks including Gatsby Recipes for a 5-minute install; Gatsby Admin, a new UI for building and managing the Gatsby site; and Gatsby Desktop, a native Gatsby application that lives in the menu bar and performs common development functionality without needing to use the CLI. 

Additional details are available here.

Timescale Cloud offers new improvements
Timescale Cloud is now available in 76 regions across all of the major cloud providers with 2,000 different CPU and storage configuration options to provide developers more flexibility, according to the company.

Users can also now incrementally scale up or down in the region of their choice with CPU options ranging from 2 to 72 CPUs and storage ranging from 20GB to 10TB.

The updated Timescale Cloud also includes more deterministic pricing with a pricing calculator that lets users know how much they’re going to pay at the end of the month well ahead of time. 

Additional details are available here.