Claris launched Claris Connect, a workflow automation platform designed for the real-world challenges of SMBs. 

“The right path to being cloud-first is to be cloud smart,” said Brad Freitag, CEO of Claris. “That means giving problem solvers all the power of the cloud – sharing, rapid deployment, scalability – without losing connection to the real world.”

The solution includes nearly 50 connectors at launch, which include Trello, Slack, Box and more. 

More information is available here.

Rollbar announces $11 million funding to help engineering teams release more often 

Rollbar said that it plans to use the funds to expand and double its headcount. 

Rollbar provides an automated error response platform centered around its proprietary, customizable grouping engine. Its solution offers workflow capabilities and integrates into the modern development stack.

“Automated release is not enough anymore, you also need an automated response. Automated response includes being able to see, understand, and resolve problems in real-time across the entire software development lifecycle. And that’s exactly what Rollbar is building,” Rollbar wrote in a post.

Snyk announces new collaboration for keeping software secure

Snyk announced that it partnered with the makers of Greenkeeper to make it easier for developers to proactively reduce security vulnerabilities and to maintain open-source dependency health.

The collaboration now offers frictionless integration into developer workflows, information to help with priorities and decisions, and control over the pace and volume of updates. 

“By collaborating with the Greenkeeper team, the pioneers in this space, we are delivering an automated solution that helps developers prioritize the most important upgrades and control the pace of all upgrades to ensure the best balance between dependency maintenance and new software development,” said Aner Mazur, chief product officer of Snyk.

MongoDB provides resources on modernizing apps and migrating to the cloud

MongoDB announced that it is partnering with Informatica and Hitachi to offer tooling that helps customers and partners move from RDBMS to MongoDB.

“The best way way to migrate applications to the cloud is to modernize vs lift and shift,” MongoDB wrote in a post, which contains more details on the partnerships.