Cloudflare today announced new tools and integrations in order to make developing applications simple, flexible, and fast. With this, users will be able to connect their existing databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, Prisma, or Postgres with Cloudflare’s tools to easily store and access data at the edge.

This release brings users three new ways to utilize data in Cloudflare Workers 

  • Durable objects: anyone can now run complex applications entirely at the edge 
  • Database Partnerships: connect your databases directly to Cloudflare’s edge 
  • Database Connectors: seamlessly integrate Cloudflare Workers with relational databases 

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Immersive Labs acquires Snap Labs

Immersive Labs today announced the acquisition of Snap Labs, bringing a heightened level of realism to organizations looking to develop cyber knowledge, skills, and judgement. This acquisition provides users with the ability to build multiplayer simulations customized for specific environments and roles. 

With this acquisition, the newly integrated platform will enable users to reduce cyber risk more effectively than before by allowing them to run labs and cyber crisis exercises in a cloud-based replica of their own organization featuring specific vendors. 

In addition, technical teams will be able to work cooperatively in a virtual environment as part of wider exercises involving executive decision makers. This will further enable organizations to create a continuous cycle of human cyber capability improvement. 

Grafana 8.2.4 released 

Grafana Labs, creator of Grafana, the multi-platform open source analytics and interactive visualization web application, today released Grafana 8.2.4. This patch release brings users security fixes for a vulnerability that affects Grafana versions 8.0.0 through 8.2.3. The vulnerability only affects Grafana instances where fine-grained access control beta is enabled and there is more than one organization in the Grafana instance.

The release targets incorrect access control that allowed users who were not admins to have power over other organizations. All installations between v8.0 and v8.2.3 that have fine-grained access control beta enabled and more than one organization should be upgraded to this new release as soon as possible. If you are unable to update, turn off the fine-grained access control using a feature flag. Grafana Cloud instances have not been affected by the vulnerability. 

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