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Cloudflare hopes to offer most affordable solution for running inference with general availability of Workers AI

Cloudflare has announced that Workers AI is now generally available. Workers AI is a solution that allows developers to run machine learning models on the Cloudflare network. The company says its goal is for Workers AI to be the most affordable solution for running inference. To make that happen, it made some optimizations since the … continue reading

Cloudflare announces GA releases for D1, Hyperdrive, and Workers Analytics Engine

Cloudflare has announced the general availability (GA) release of three new products aimed at making full-stack development easier for development teams. The first release is the serverless SQL database D1. With this GA release, the platform is also gaining a number of requested features from the beta, such as support for 10GB databases, new data … continue reading

Cloudflare releases platform for AI inference

Cloudflare has launched Workers AI, a solution designed to provide the necessary infrastructure for efficiently and cost-effectively scaling and deploying AI models, catering to the upcoming generation of AI applications. The company has established strategic partnerships to offer GPU access on its global network, enabling low-latency AI inference near users. Paired with the Data Localization … continue reading

Databricks reveals new Delta Sharing partners: Cloudflare, Dell, Oracle, Twilio

Databricks has announced new partnerships with Cloudflare, Dell, Oracle, and Twilio through its Delta Sharing feature, which allows live data to be shared securely with other computing platforms.  For example, the Cloudflare connection allows sharing from Databricks to Cloudflare R2, which is Cloudflare’s distributed object storage offering, eliminating the need to manage complex data transfers … continue reading

Cursor AI assistant is trained to answer questions about Cloudflare’s Developer Platform

The web performance and security company Cloudflare today unveiled its new experimental AI assistant, Cursor. The company stated that the assistant is trained to answer questions about Cloudflare’s Developer Platform and acts as the first step in Cloudflare’s AI journey.  When asked a question, Cursor responds with two different pieces of information: a text response … continue reading

Cloudflare releases new templates to make it easier to build applications on platform

Cloudflare is attempting to make it easier for developers to build applications on their developer platform. To do so, it has announced Cloudflare Workers Templates. Cloudflare Workers is a capability for building applications, and this new set of templates being released will give developers ideas of what they can build on the platform.  For example, … continue reading

SD Times Open Source Project of the Week: workerd

Cloudflare recently announced workerd, its new open-source JavaScript/Wasm runtime that is based on the same code that powers Cloudflare Workers. While workerd does share the majority of its code with the runtime that powers Cloudfare Workers, it has been modified in order to make it more portable to other environments.  Workerd can be used to … continue reading

Cloudflare announces privacy preserving alternative to CAPTCHA

The security, performance, and reliability company, Cloudflare, today introduces Turnstile, an easy to use and private replacement for CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). With this, any site can choose to replace CAPTCHA through an API, regardless of whether or not they are a customer of Cloudflare.  According to … continue reading

Cloudflare announces Cloudflare Calls

Cloudflare Calls was released to let developers build real-time audio/video apps.  It exposes a set of APIs to allow them to build things like a video conferencing app with a custom UI, an interactive conversation where moderators can invite select audience members on stage, or even private group workout apps.  It uses the peer-to-peer protocol … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Cloudflare Workers

Cloudflare recently announced that it would be open-sourcing its Cloudflare Workers runtime, which is a platform for building serverless apps.  The decision came about because when talking to developers not yet using Cloudflare Workers, their two main hesitations tend to be that they worry about vendor lock-in and they want a local development environment. According … continue reading

Cloudflare working to define new API standards

Cloudflare announced that it is collaborating with Deno and individual core contributors of the Node.js open-source project to give developers choice when creating edge computing technology. Together they are forming the Web-interoperable Runtimes Community Group. The goal of the group is to create a common set of standards that will enable developers to write and … continue reading

Cloudflare launches new way for companies to protect their APIs

Web performance company Cloudflare today announced the release of the Cloudflare API Gateway. This release is geared at providing organizations with a simple, fast, and effective way to protect and control all of their APIs. Cloudflare API Gateway simplifies the process of identifying, securing, and managing APIs of any protocol all on one network.  According … continue reading Protection Status