Cloudflare is attempting to make it easier for developers to build applications on their developer platform. To do so, it has announced Cloudflare Workers Templates.

Cloudflare Workers is a capability for building applications, and this new set of templates being released will give developers ideas of what they can build on the platform. 

For example, there are templates for building image sharing websites with Pages Functions, direct creator upload to Cloudflare Stream, a Durable Object-powered request scheduler, and applications that accept payment for video content. 

Alongside these new templates, Cloudflare also added a Deploy with Workers button so that templates can be easily and quickly deployed. 

To support test driven development, a number of the templates support integration tests against a local server. This can be used to help developers set up tests in their own projects. 

There is also an Open with StackBlitz button for each template, which enables forking of templates. StackBlitz is an online development platform that Cloudflare announced a partnership with earlier this year. 

“Everything we’ve highlighted in this post, all leads to one thing – How can we create a better experience for developers getting started with Workers. We introduce these ready-made templates to make you more efficient, bring you a wholesome developer experience and help improve your time to deployment. We want you to spend less time getting started with building on the Workers developer platform,” Gift Egwuenu, developer advocate at Cloudflare, wrote in a blog post.