In a keynote address at the inaugural ArgoCon, Codefresh today announced a new Argo community marketplace, Codefresh Hub for Argo. The goal of this new marketplace is to assist users in optimizing their Argo workflow efficiencies. Codefresh Hub for Argo aims to bring together community and Codefresh contributors in a centralized library of certified templates that users can deploy in enterprise DevOps environments.

Currently, Codefresh Hub for Argo features a range of Codefresh’s most in-demand integrations and steps, with more to come as the marketplace continues to grow. Additionally, all contributors to Codefresh Hub for Argo are eligible for certification via a security auditing process that assures trusted templates and steps enabling enterprise grade reliability and efficiency for Argo workflows. 

Codefresh Hub for Argo is available now to Argo Workflow community users. 

Sentry acquires Specto

The application monitoring company Sentry today revealed that it has acquired Specto, a mobile profiling tool that provides developers with data and analytics around their app performance. This acquisition adds deeper context in mobile application monitoring.

With this acquisition, Specto’s team, including co-founder and former Facebook mobile engineers Jernej Strasner and Indragie Karunaratne, will join Sentry. To learn more, visit Sentry’s or Specto’s websites. 

Twilio unveils Twilio Ventures 

Twilio, the cloud communications platform, today announced the launch of Twilio Ventures as well as its new $50 million fund designed for the next generation of builders that are creating the future of user engagement. 

Twilio Ventures will mainly invest in early stage companies with opportunistic investments in late stage companies that focus on both user engagement and developers. In addition to investing, the venture program will provide portfolio organizations with continuous mentorship, potential product and go-to-market support, and exposure to Twilio’s leadership, partners, and customers.

Twilio Ventures has already completed investments this year. Beneficiaries include companies such as Algolia, Mux, Hyro, Calixa, Well Health Inc., and Terazo. To learn more about Twilio Ventures, visit here

Cloudflare acquires Zaraz

Cloudflare, the security, performance, and reliability company, today announced that it has acquired Zaraz, an organization that has developed technology to accelerate and secure websites by reducing the impact of third-party marketing and analytics tools. This comes as Cloudflare’s first acquisition built on its own technology, Cloudflare Workers. 

With this acquisition, companies can run as many third-party tools as are needed, without slowing down their website, compromising their security, or sacrificing their users’ privacy. Zaraz utilizes Cloudflare Workers to replace the multiple network requests of each tool with one single request, shifting a web of extensions into a single application. 

“Using Workers meant that we were able to optimize Zaraz for performance and security, something traditional tag managers couldn’t do. We’re excited to join Cloudflare’s team so that we can make a difference across the entire Internet, making it faster, better, and safer for everyone,” said Yair Dovrat, co-founder and CEO of Zaraz.