Grants can be modified from the Modify object and Modify user/role dialogs

The first major release of JetBrains’ database IDE is now available. DataGrip 2021.1 focuses on providing a better user experience and solving pain points for users. Updates include UI for grants, context live templates, ability to edit data in MongoDB, new navigation controls, database explorer, and improvements for unsupported databases. 

UI for grants are now available for PostgreSQL, Redshift, Greenplum, MySQL, MariaDB, DB2, SQL Server and Sybase. Context live templates were designed for users who want to generate simple statements from the database explorer. Additional updates include Azure MFA support, CockroachDB dialect support, Google BigQuery full support, and coding assistance capabilities. 

The full release notes are available here

Microsoft announces March 2021 release of Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Code 1.55 includes:

  • Accessibility improvements
  • Updated icons for macOS Big Sur
  • Improvements to breakpoints
  • Editor status decorations
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts editor
  • Improved remote ports management
  • Terminal profiles
  • Notebook improvements
  • VS Code on Raspberry Pi

The full release notes are available here

University of Warwick wins the first-ever Veracode Hacker Games
The Hacker Games was an online competition that challenged participants to hack and patch real-life apps. The WMG Cyber Security Centre at the University of Warwick completed 1,854 challenges over two weeks. As the first place winner, it was awarded a $10,000 charitable donation. Tufts University came in second place and won a $5,000 donation. 

“The Hacker Games were a fantastic way to promote secure software development and provided our students with a highly challenging experience. The labs are tremendous resources and we will be encouraging our students to take advantage of them to further their skills and experience. We are very grateful to Veracode for creating such a wonderful environment and competition,” said Tim Watson, director of the WMG Cyber Security Centre at the University of Warwick. 

BMC updates Automated Mainframe Intelligence and Compuware portfolios 
The new updates are meant to modernize and streamline mainframe app development and delivery. Updates were made across BMC Compuware ISPW, BMC Compuware Topaz, BMC Compuware File-AID, BMC AMI Ops Insight, BMC AMI SQL Performance, and BMC AMI Security solutions; and include the ability to:

  • Build, analyze, test, deploy and manage mainframe apps
  • Reduce and eliminate how long it takes to diagnose a problem 
  • Detect and respond faster to security threats 

“Mainframes are an essential part of our customers’ digital transformation strategies. With tools that transform mainframe management, we allow our clients to better embrace DevOps practices and get the most value out of their investments to accelerate innovation,” said John McKenny, SVP and General Manager, Intelligent Z Optimization and Transformation at BMC. “We continue to help our customers achieve operational resiliency, while automating and minimizing manual tasks to free them up to become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.”

More information is available here.

CircleCI provides ARM support
CircleCI will provide cloud-based CI/CD services for Arm architectures. The Arm architecture has been gaining more traction for cloud to edge and endpoint solutions. 

“With CircleCI’s Arm build fleet running on AWS Graviton2, developers can build and run Arm-based applications with virtually no spin-up time and deliver significant improvements without sacrificing power or cost efficiency. We’re excited to be able to support and scale the Arm developer community at a level not previously possible,” said Tom Trahan, vice president of business development at CircleCI.