Eggplant is releasing an update to its Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) Suite that it says will make automation simpler. The new capabilities adds automated user experience testing to the company’s existing solution and is designed to make it easier for teams to test the performance and usability of their products, ensuring that they deliver a better user experience, Eggplant explained.

“Optimizing the customer experience is the holy grail for all digital businesses,” said Antony Edwards, COO of Eggplant. “But most teams we speak to tell us that they don’t have the time or skills for performance and usability testing. These new capabilities in Eggplant’s DAI suite mean that every testing team can now quickly and easily do performance and usability testing in addition to the functional testing they are already doing.”

Sensory acquires
Speech recognition company Sensory has acquired, which is a software tools company that offers benchmarking, accuracy assessments, and bias evaluations for speech technologies. After the acquisition, will remain as an independently operated division.

“As more companies add voice to their products, there is growing need for an independent evaluation service and software tools that ensure a quality user experience,” said Joe Murphy, CEO of “It’s exciting to have access to the deep bench of AI and machine learning talent and resources of Sensory. It is also important to recognize that will operate as an independent company under the Sensory umbrella. In this model, we will continue to provide quality evaluations and competitive benchmarking services for the entire voice-enabled industry.”

Assembla updates its Project Management tool
Assembla has released the latest version of its project management tool. The tool enables developers to build and deploy software quickly and with precision thanks to Assembla Tickets and sprint workflows, the company explained.

New features include sprint planning, nested tasks and subtasks, and the ability to change cardwall columns and sort by assigned users.

Sencha Ext JS 6.7 now available
Sencha has announced that it is releasing the latest version of Ext JS. Sencha Ext JS 6.7 will feature improvements to the Modern toolkit, providing new ways for developers to quickly design and develop web apps.

New features of Ext Js 6.7 include the addition of grid filtering, locking grid, chip, multiselect combobox, color picker, and virtual scroller.