The latest version of the pluggable JavaScript linter is now available. ESLint 7.0 is a major release upgrade includes new features and fixes several bugs found in the previous release. 

This release drops support for Node.js v8. Also, the ten Node.js/CommonJS rules in core have been deprecated and moved to the eslint-plugin-node plugin.

Several changes have been made to create an improved developer experience as well.

Additional details are available here.

DataStax Astra now available
DataStax Astra brings Apache Cassandra performance, reliability, and scale to the cloud with a new database-as-a-service (DBaaS).

The DBaaS reduces deployment time from weeks to minutes, removing the biggest obstacles to Cassandra adoption, which is a lack of skilled staff, the company explained.

Additionally, DataStax offers free workshops to help developers learn, create, and/or use Cassandra in Astra.

More details are available here.

Redis Labs and Microsoft announce partnership
Redis Labs and Microsoft partnered up to deliver Redis Enterprise as an integrated managed Service on Microsoft Azure Cache.

“Managed service combines the performance and reliability of Redis Enterprise with the breadth and simplicity of consumption Azure offers to serve a variety of enterprise use cases,” Redis Labs wrote in a post.

The new service is available in Private Preview and it will unlock the power of Redis for Azure customers’ mission-critical workloads through advanced, enterprise-grade functionality, including Redis on Flash, modules, and, in the future, the ability to create an active geo-redundant cache for hybrid-cloud architectures.  

UiPath releases end-to-end hyperautomation platform
UiPath’s end-to-end hyperautomation platform offers new capabilities that support every phase of the automation lifecycle and deployment options that give organizations immediate management of their robots all form the UiPath Automation Cloud.

“This pervasive ‘Automation First’ approach is proven to be both substantial and transformative and is allowing everyone – from RPA Developers and Testers to Citizen Developers and Business End Users – to collaborate and put automation squarely at the core of everyday work,” UiPath wrote in a post.

The platform also adds the ability to use AI to analyze back-end systems and application logs, enable all employees to chip in as citizen developers by automating their own tasks, offer users more control and flexibility over attended bots with a new user interface, and to centralize automation initiatives, the company explaine.d.

McAfee and Atlassian to provide cloud security capabilities 
The collaboration aims to bring advanced data security and threat protection to common customers that are looking to accelerate the move to the cloud.

Atlassian customers can now leverage McAfee MVISION Cloud to their security policies or their use of Atlassian services. 

MVISION Cloud provides visibility and control for SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS environments, across content management systems and DevOps environments.

Additional details are available here.