Facebook announced that it is launching a bug bounty program, opening the platform up to the public following its beta bug bounty program.

“With the launch of the Libra Bug Bounty, we are excited to build an open and vibrant network of security and privacy researchers around the globe. We know it will take a global community to launch a global cryptocurrency, and we are committed to taking the time to get this right,” Facebook wrote in a blog post. 

Facebook added that it wants to resolve as many issues as possible before real money goes into circulation and participants can receive up to $10,000 in rewards for discovering the most critical issues.

Airship acquires Apptimize for end-to-end mobile experience
Customer engagement company Airship acquired Apptimize, a solution for testing and innovating user experiences across mobile apps and other digital channels. 

Airship enables businesses to send relevant messages through SMS, push notification, email, mobile wallet or many other channels. The solution automatically integrates with most analytics platforms and offers code-free instrumentation of events for highly targeted experiments. 

“By combining Apptimize mobile app and web testing with Airship’s deep insight into customer engagement across channels, marketers and developers can focus innovation on the most critical areas while creating the seamless end-to-end experiences customers really want,” said Brett Caine, the CEO and president of Airship.

Actian announces new embedded database for mobile and IoT
Actian announced its new Zen embedded database for mobile and IoT, which is designed to support edge applications and analytics with a singular, modular and scalable platform. 

“We recognized a market need for an embedded, nano-footprint, NoSQL and SQL, multi-platform database to support a wide range of mobile and IoT applications,” said Lewis Carr, senior director of product marketing at Actian. z”Zen fills that gap and enables developers to fully harness data at the edge.”

Actian Zen offers new features such as EXIF data structure, JSON and BLOB support, time-series data support, 64 TB single file size, quadrupled block size for faster data transfer between devices, gateways and cloud environments and AES 256-bit, military grade encryption.