The team at Google recently announced the availability of the Firebase extension for Google Pay. Firebase extensions are open-source pre-packaged bundles of code that developers can build into their applications. The extension is intended to increase productivity as well as provide extended functionality to apps.

With this extension installed, users can pass a payment token from the Google Pay API to their Cloud Firestore database. This extension listens for a request written to the path defined during the installation process and then sends the request to the PSP’s API. 

For more information on this extension, visit here

Facebook develops self-supervised algorithm 

The developers at Facebook recently unveiled data2vec, a high-performance self-supervised algorithm that works for speech, vision, and text. This new algorithm does not rely on contrastive learning or reconstructing the input example.

Data2vec opens the door for developing more adaptable AI intended to perform tasks beyond what today’s systems can do. With this announcement, Facebook also shared code and penetrative models on data2vec.

The self-supervised algorithm enables computers to learn by observation rather than having to be taught to classify certain images or understand speech or text. To learn more about data2vec, see here

Appfire acquires Numbered Headings 

Appfire, a provider of digital solutions software, today announced that it has acquired Numbered Headings, the Confluence app from Atlassian Marketplace partner Avisi Apps. 

With this, Numbered Headings joins Appfire’s suite of publishing tools geared at enhancing collaboration within teams. Numbered Headings will become fully integrated into the Appfire brand as a part of the One Appfire Initiative. 

“The largest category for Confluence apps is publishing, and Numbered Headings is a leader in that space,” said Randall Ward, co-founder and CEO of Appfire. “We’re thrilled to be working with our long-time friends at Avisi to bring Numbered Headings into the toolbox of publishers and teams dedicated to making work flow.”