Facebook recently announced the release of Create React App 5.0, a major release bringing users numerous new features and the latest version of all major dependencies. A few highlights of the release include webpack 5, Jest 27, ESLint 8, and PostCSS 8.

With this, react-scripts@5.0.0 also contains several breaking changes. These changes include dropped support for Node 10 and 12. Node 10 has now reached End-of-Life. And Node 12 will be End-of-Life in April of 2022. Moving forward, only support for the latest LTS release of Node.js will be provided. 

For a full list of updates and bug fixes, see here

Elementary OS 6.1 available now

The team at Elementary OS, a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu LTS, recently unveiled the release of Elementary OS 6.1. This release is available to download for new users, as an upgrade for current users, and is shipping on numerous computers.

With this release, there is a more concentrated focus on

  • Addressing feedback with features and fixes
  • Making Elementary OS more useful with office productivity features 
  • Expanding compatibility with a range of hardware 

To get started with Elementary OS 6.1, visit here to download. For more information on this release, see here

JetBrains reveals Qodana updates 

With 2021 coming to a close, JetBrains has announced several new updates to its code quality monitoring platform, Qodana. The first of these updates is the availability of Qodana 2021.3 for ARM.

Additionally, Qodana Community for JVM, Qodana for JVM EAP, and Qodana for Android EAP 2021.3 are also now available. Qodana JS 2021.3 EAP is available as well, bringing users WebStorm IDE advanced code checks for JavaScript.

Furthermore, Qodana for Python 2021.3 is currently in EAP and JetBrains has recreated its GitHub Action that supports catches, report uploads, and GitHub pull request annotations out of the box.