The latest release of Fairwinds Kubernetes security monitoring and governance solution aims to bridge the gap between security, development and operations. Fairwinds Insights 3.0 features resource monitoring; automation roles; and a new Open Policy Agent policy UI. The resource monitoring functionality is now integrated with Prometheus Collector to provide fine-grained resource usage data and reports on how much workloads costs and on cost trends. Automaton rules automatically triage Kubernetes misconfiguration alerts and the policy UI enables users to view and manage OPA policies.  

“We’ve consistently focused on improving DevSecOps by giving developers visibility into their Kubernetes clusters so they can ensure accurate configurations, prioritize security into the development process and create cost and time efficiency savings,” said Bill Ledingham, CEO at Fairwinds. “Insights generates a lot of critical data, and with version 3.0 we’ve focused on giving users the tools they need to interpret and action that data.”

mabl releases beta desktop application for test automation
The new native desktop application is designed to make automating tests for browsers, mobile browsers and APIs easier. It features a low-code interface for test creation and maintenance, end-to-end API testing functionality; and support for mobile web testing.

“With the addition of the desktop app, mabl is the simplest, most capable intelligent test automation solution on the market,” said mabl co-founder Dan Belcher. “Quality professionals now have a seamless, low-code solution for their browser, API and mobile web testing needs, enabling them to automate even more routine tasks and focus their talent on higher-level quality initiatives.”

Nim 1.4.4 and 1.2.10 released
Nim versions 1.2.10 and 1.4.4 are double patch releases that fix a crucial bug and reworks SSL certificate handling. According to the team, the 1.0.x line is not affected since it does not check SSL certificates.

The main release, 1.4.4, provides several improvements and bug fixes which can be found here. Version 1.2.1 is the fifth patch release for Nim 1.2 and includes new fixes and new Nimble version containing security fixes. 

Amazon donates $15 million to computer science curriculum
The donation is part of the Amazon Future Engineer initiative and will go to to support the development and launch of its Advanced Placement computer science programming curriculum. Through the new curriculum, students will learn similar tools and concepts from the existing AP Computer Science A course as well as unique cultural perspectives, interests and experiences.  

“Since its inception, our Amazon Future Engineer program has worked to ensure more students have the resources and skills they need to build their best futures,” said Jeff Wilke, former CEO Worldwide Consumer, Amazon. “With our donation to, we hope that even more students—from a wider variety of backgrounds—will be inspired and prepared to pursue computer science in high school, college, and beyond.”