Google’s open-source mobile application development framework Flutter 1.7 is now available. The release contains support for AndroidX and for updated Play Store requirements as well as a number of new and enhanced components.

AndroidX is a new open-source library from the Jetpack team designed to help Android apps stay updated with the latest components without sacrificing backward compatibility and reduce the work needed to integrate with other parts of the Android ecosystem, according to a Flutter blog post

The framework’s new widgets and framework enhancements include a new “Rangeslider” control that lets users select a range of values on a single slide, an updated “SnackBar” widget, its Flutter library Cupertino, text selection and editing on iOS, and support for rich typography features. 

Also, Android apps that use native code and target Android 9 Pie will be required to provide a 64-bit version in addition to the 32-bit version when publishing to the Google Play Store as of August 1st. 

Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless now available
Amazon announced the release of Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless, an auto-scaling version of Amazon Aurora that automatically starts up, shuts down and scales based on the application workload. 

Applications transparently connects to a proxy fleet that routes the workload to a pool of resources that are automatically scaled. Scaling is very fast because resources are “warm” and ready to be added to serve requests, according to Amazon. 

Amazon also says there is no change with how storage is managed by Aurora. Aurora serverless is compatible with PostgreSQL version 10.5. The detailed list of features can be viewed here

WhiteSource and Codota partner on open source security vulnerabilities
Open-source security and license compliance management company WhiteSource and code AI platform developer Codota teamed up to create an IDE plugin that alerts developers to open-source vulnerabilities before the code is committed. 

“The partnership with Codota allows us to take shift left one step further by alerting developers when they are using open source components with known vulnerabilities in real-time within their IDE UI before even committing the code,” said Rami Sass, co-founder and CEO of WhiteSource.

Through the plugin for the IDE IntelliJ, notifications with relevant details including recommendations on how to fix the code will appear in exactly the right context, according to a post by the companies. 

NTT Security completes acquisition of WhiteHat security
NTT Security completed the acquisition of application security provider WhiteHat Security to further the company’s needs that span the full lifecycle of digital transformation, NTT said. 

“At NTT Security, our goal is to provide comprehensive, game-changing cybersecurity solutions that address the broad needs of digital transformation. With the acquisition of WhiteHat Security, we are now able to offer the full spectrum of cybersecurity solutions to protect digital businesses,” said Matthew Gyde, CEO of NTT Security.WhiteHat Security will continue to operate as an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary. The full details of the acquisition can be viewed on NTT Security’s website here.