Google has released preview version 2 of its mobile app toolkit Flutter. According to the company, this preview is its last major milestone before officially releasing Flutter 1.0.

This preview version includes an extensive library of widgets and classes for building for iOS, support for Dart, and a 30 percent reduction in the size of its application package.

Android Security Rewards program reaches $3 million in payouts
The Android Security Rewards program has surpassed $3 million in payouts, according to Google. This year, the program received over 470 qualifying vulnerability reports and the average pay increased by 23 percent.

As of the program’s third year, there were still no payouts for the highest possible reward of finding a complete remote exploit chain leading a TrustZone or Verified Boot compromise. Over the last three years, 99 individuals contributed one or more fixes and the reward averages were $2,600 per rewards and $12,500 per researcher. The highest reward amount to date was to Guang Gong for his submission of a remote exploit chain.

“In addition to rewarding for vulnerabilities, we continue to work with the broad and diverse Android ecosystem to protect users from issues reported through our program. We collaborate with manufacturers to ensure that these issues are fixed on their devices through monthly security updates,” Jason Woloz and Mayank Jain from the Android Security & Privacy Team wrote in a post.

Cloud Academy launches suite for measuring cloud skills
Cloud Academy has announced the launch of an end-to-end suite for measuring cloud skills and assessing the effectiveness of training. This will allow organizations to be able to identify skill gaps and enhance their cloud training strategies.

The suite includes skill profiles, assessments cycles, and analytics.

“Our recently launched capabilities offer organizations the ability to map their organization’s tech skills, identify skills gaps, and use our software and content library to build custom Training Plans for their teams, which will increase accountability and provide the right training guidance,” said Stefano Bellasio, CEO of Cloud Academy. “Our intention is to give our customers a unique enterprise platform to consistently develop and measure their tech skills at scale to improve their time to market with products and services and, which in turn uses data to attract and retain talent.”