GitHub hired Michael Hanley as its first chief security officer to focus on developer-first security. 

“Good security and the speed of the business are not opposing concepts when met with thoughtful design and a customer-centric approach. I believe that security done well allows us to go further, faster, and more confidently than ever before,” Hanley wrote in a blog post.

Previously, Hanley was the vice president of security at Duo Securitym and the chief information security officer at Cisco. 

VS 2019 remote debug support
Visual Studio 2019 offers remote debug support for MSBuild and CMake projects targeting Windows and Linux.

Developers can now debug on their production machines with no development tools installed other than the remote debugger, they can target less common developer environments as well as environments where Visual Studio is unavailable. 

Microsoft automatically deploys the Universal CRT and VCRuntime libraries which are to automatically deploy dependencies along with the built binaries from the project.

Additional details on the remote debug support are available here.

Android Sleep API released
Android’s Sleep API is an Android Activity Recognition API that surfaces information about the user’s sleep through ‘sleep confidence’, which is reported at a regular interval up to 10 minutes, and a daily sleep segment that appears when a user wakes up.  

The API gets this information through on-device AI that detects light and motion on a device through sensors.

The Sleep API is available now on the latest version of Google Play Services. 

Apache weekly update 
Last week, the Apache Software Foundation saw the release of Apache Commons Net 3.8.0 which implements the client side of many basic Internet protocols.

Other releases and updates this week included Qpid Broker J 7.1.12 and J 8.0.4, Beam 2.28.0, BookKeeper 4.13.0, Directory Studio 2.0-0-M16, Lucene 8.8.1 and Solr 8.8.1, and MyFaces Core v2.3-next-M5.

Additional details on all of the latest releases are available here.