GitLab announced that it is moving its observability suite to Core to its open-source codebase in 2020. 

“If it’s a feature for a single developer who might be working on his or her own individual project, we want that to be in Core because it invites more usage of those tools and we get great feedback in the form of new feature requests and developer contributions,” said Kenny Johnston, the director of product of Ops at GitLab. 

The observability features that are being moved include custom metrics, logging, tracing and alerting. 

HackerRank acquires Mimir, an online computer science course
HackerRank announced that it acquired Mimir, the cloud-based platform for computer science courses. 

“Acquiring Mimir allows us to reach developers far earlier in their education while supporting their professors, ensuring they receive the training they need to be successful in their careers,” said Vivek Ravisankar, the co-founder and CEO of HackerRank.

HackerRank will have the courses emphasize practical application of technical skills after it found in its HackerRank University Rankings that learning by doing is critical to success in the workplace.

Boomi to acquire Unifi Software, a data cataloging and preparation tool
Boomi announced that it intends to acquire Unifi Software to help Boomi customers derive insights from vast enterprise data using AI. 

“For most customers, on average, between 60-73% of their data is unknown, that was a huge blind spot when transforming your business,” said Chris McNabb, CEO of Boomi. “Today’s acquisition of Unifi Software expands Boomi’s data management capabilities.”

Unifi’s technology allows users to predict the context of the data in order to discover where data resides, understand its structure and meaning, provide a level of trust in the quality of the data, and gives them the capabilities to ingest the data into data lakes, business systems, and artificial intelligence projects.

DataStax Luna, enterprise support for Apache Cassandra, announced
DataStax announced its Luna subscription-based support for open source Cassandra. 

“Enterprises and developers tell us that they want the power and flexibility of Cassandra for a wide range of use cases, from business optimization to consumer apps,” said Jonathan Ellis, co-founder and CTO of DataStax. 

Luna comes in either is available in both Basic and Enterprise tiers. DataStax also released to new free tools to work with Open Source Cassandra including DataStax Apache Kafka Connector and Bulk Loader to make loading and unloading data faster and easier.