Google is starting the deprecation process for its Android Gradle 3.4.0 feature plug-in and instant app plug-in, which were included in Android Studio 3.4. Developers will receive a warning flagging those plug-ins as deprecated as they are building apps.

The Android team urges developers to migrate their apps to an instant-enabled app bundle soon. Instant-enabled app bundles will allow developers access the new Dynamic Delivery paradigm and simplify an app’s modular design. Dynamic Delivery is a process in which developers can ship dynamic features to users only if and when they need them, the team explained.

Netlify Dev enables developers to run Netlify server on a computer
Cloud computing company Netlify has announced a public beta for Netlify Dev, which will enable developers to run Netlify’s platform straight from their laptop rather than having to access it from a server.  According to Netlify, this will allow developers to deploy faster since they won’t have to wait for staging or production to test their solutions and get feedback on it. The solution will allow developers to do local testing from a single platform and view how functions and features will behave in production before deploying them.

“Netlify is obsessed with developer productivity for building modern sites on the JAMstack,” said Mathias Biilmann, CEO of Netlify, referring to JavaScript, APIs and markup. “The new local test and share capabilities of Netlify Dev provide a single, simplified workflow that brings everything together—from the earliest code to production global deployment.”

React-Redux 7.0.1 now available
React-Redux 7.0.1 is now available. React-Redux is a state container for JavaScript applications.

According to the team, version 7.0.1 is identical in terms of its code to version 7. The major change in this version is that the React requirement is now 16.8.4 or higher. This is now necessary because in version 7.0, “connect” is implemented using Hooks internally.

In addition, the team believes that based on performance benchmarking, this is the fastest version yet.