Google has released a new document describing what programming languages the Fuchsia project uses and supports for production software on the target device, both within the Fuchsia Platform Source Tree and for end-developers building for Fuchsia outside the Fuchsia Source Platform Tree.

Fuchsia is the company’s open-source capability-based operating system.

According to the document, the fact that it is supported for end-developers means that the Fuchsia SDK contains tools and libraries that help people use the language to develop for Fuchsia. The languages include C, C++, Dart, Rust, and Go. The document also goves over The full details are available here.

McAfee acquires Light Point Security
The acquisition extends MVISION Unified Cloud Edge (UCE) capabilities for secure access service edge. 

McAfee plans to integrate Light Point Security’s browser isolation technology into McAfee Secure Web Gateway, complementing its existing comprehensive inbound and outbound protection for all web and cloud traffic.

“With this combination, enterprises will be able to prioritize both security efficacy and user experience by removing user exposure to malware while maintaining responsive access to legitimate websites and cloud applications,” McAfee wrote in a post.

Yugabyte DB 2.1
The highlights in the new release include expanded geo-distributed, multi-cloud deployment options, a 10x performance increase, partner integrations and enhanced security features.

The updates also aim to make it easier for organizations looking to take advantage of multi-cloud or solve for the geo-distribution of data to use applications with high performance and scale, according to the company. 

“YugabyteDB 2.1 builds on our vision to enable unprecedented application agility by offering greater deployment flexibility, improved performance and enhanced security controls so that businesses and their applications can fully embrace geo-distribution and multi-cloud to solve important challenges and fuel their growth,”  said Kannan Muthukkaruppan, the co-founder and CEO of Yugabyte. 

CircleCI announces support for AWS GovCloud
CircleCI announced support for AWS GovCloud, which allows server installations running v.2.19 on AWS to work on GovCloud, helping customers meet a variety of regulatory requirements.

“With AWS GovCloud, users gain the control and confidence needed to securely run their business with the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available,” CircleCI wrote in a blog post.

Other upgrades and performance enhancements in server v2.19 include upgraded Nomad clusters from 0.5x to 0.9 and enhanced control and flexibility with default resource classes.