In a move to protect kids using the Google Play store, Google will now require developers to declare a target audience for their apps as of September 1st and to update their apps to comply with new policies.

The updated policies require ads served to children to go through an app network that has certified compliance with Google’s families policies and that apps not targeted for kids don’t unintentionally appeal to them.

In a post, Google wrote that it will use the information developers provide in the target audience section to do its own review of app marketing assets, categorize the app, and apply policies according to the following target audience groups: children, children and older users, or older users.

Salesforce announces low-code blockchain platform
Salesforce announced a low-code blockchain platform that enables organizations to share verified and distributed data sets across its network of partners and third parties.

The platform is powered by Salesforce Lightning and open-source blockchain technology from Hyperledger, allowing organizations to  deploy and manage blockchain networks, workflows, contracts and apps.

Blockchains provide a distributed ledger that saves, traces and authenticates data across every partner or node in the network. Organizations can leverage blockchain for a variety of use cases like asset tracking, credentialing and verification and authentication of goods, according to the company’s post.

Kofax launches intelligent automation software platform
Kofax launched an intelligent automation platform and marketplace to automate end-to-end business operations at scale this week.

Through the use of machine learning to transform unstructured and structured data, the platform’s AI enables automatic recognition of people and documents, an understanding of content within communications, and access of knowledge centers for better decision making, according to the company.

The platform’s five key technologies include Robotic Process Automation (RPA), cognitive capture to ingest and understand any document, process orchestration, advanced analytics, and mobility and engagement.

Facebook gives game developers new monetization options
Facebook hopes to dive mobile game monetization by updating opportunities for game developers and advertisers.

It is expanding rewarded video, in which players receive a reward like in-game currency for watching an ad, to all mobile game developers and publishers on Audience Network. Also, new playable ads are now available on Audience Network within rewarded video and interstitial placements.

The full list of new metrics and simplified ad creation for advertisers using playable ads on Facebook and Audience Network can be viewed here.