announced several new milestones for this year: 50 U.S. states have adopted computer science policies, over 100,000 new CS teachers were prepared by, and students on have created 60 million projects.

“We want to emphasize that an important part of computer science is understanding how it can help with world challenges. As we teach this new superpower, we can also teach that with great power comes great responsibility,” wrote in a blog post.

The learning platform also unveiled AI for Oceans, which teaches about machine learning, training data, and bias. It also addresses ethical issues and how AI can help with global problems.

Test Automation University upskills 35,000 test engineers in 2019
Applitools announced that its Test Automation University has upskilled 35,000 test automation engineers. 

The Test Automation university offers free courses covering web, API, mobile, visual, AI and codeless automation frameworks and provides free training for Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, Ruby, and Swift through  33 courses and 12 unique Learning Pathways.

“It is a strong and vibrant community where new courses are added regularly by world-class instructors who share our goal of increasing test automation success rates globally,” said Angie Jones, senior developer advocate at Applitools.

Apple releases a HomeKit open source version 
Apple announced that it is open-sourcing portions of its HomeKit Accessory Development Kit (ADK) now that it joined Project Connected Home over IP as a board member. 

HomeKit and the Home apps minimize the amount of data anyone can access and include powerful security features that protect personal information. 

Project Connected Home is an initiative to develop an open standard that will increase the compatibility of smart home products across multiple platforms. It will join as a board member alongside Amazon, Google and Zigbee Alliance.

Google acquires Typhoon Studios
Typhoon Studios, the developers of the upcoming Journey to the Savage Planet video game,  joined Statia Games and Entertainment. 

Typhoon Studios will continue to work on the launch of Journey to the Savage Planet for multiple platforms on January 28, 2020.