The fifth JetBrains annual report showed that there are 10.1 million JetBrains users around the world and that the company’s revenue grew by 11% in 2020 (with the greatest increase in China at 85%).

JetBrains has created an extended family of integrated development environments (IDE) for various programming languages and designed Kotlin, the officially preferred programming language for Android. 

In addition, JetBrains found that Rider, GoLand, DataGrip, CLion and PyCharm became the fastest growing products in 2020.

Additional details on JetBrains’ growth are available here.

Microsoft’s autofill solution for passwords
Microsoft’s autofill solution syncs passwords across mobile, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome, and is available as an extension on the Chrome Web Store. 

Microsoft also added an Import feature in the Authenticator app that allows users to import passwords from Chrome and certain password managers. 

“Online security will continue to be critical as individuals and organizations embrace remote work, and our mission with this offering is to help our customers securely and conveniently manage their sensitive data even as new security challenges emerge,” Vishnu Nath, the partner director of program management wrote in a blog post.

IBM and Palantir team up on cloud, AI 
The partnership will simplify how businesses build and deploy AI-infused applications with IBM Watson without the need for deep technical skills.

The new product will leverage Palantir Foundry and will integrate with IBM Cloud Pak for Data, which helps businesses reduce data silos, integrates data sources across hybrid cloud environments and governs data through the AI lifecycle. 

“Our clients deliver products and services while operating in some of the most complex, fast-changing industries of the world,” said Rob Thomas, the senior vice president of cloud and data platform at IBM. “Together, IBM and Palantir aim to make it easier than ever for businesses to put AI to work and become data-driven throughout their operations.”

Apache weekly update
Last week at the Apache Software Foundation, it announced Apache DataSketches, the Big Data analysis library for scalable approximate algorithms, as a Top-Level Project.

The ASF also released Flink 1.10.3, Druid 0.20.1, Lucene 8.8.0 and Solr 8.8.0, Tomcat 9.0.43 and 10.0.2, and MyFaces Core 3.0.0.

The vulnerability CVE-2021-25646 was found in Apache Druid, enabling remote code execution. 

Additional details on the new releases from Apache are available here.