JetBrains announced that JetBrains Academy and Educational IDEs are now available for free. 

“The platform allows users to combine an interactive, project-based learning platform with powerful, professional development tools,” JetBrains wrote. 

Educational IDEs support Java, Kotlin, Python, Scala, JavaScript, Rust, C/C++, and Go, with more languages to come. 

More information on available education resources is available here.

WSO2 announces new API manager
The latest release of WSO2 API manager expands security and support for Kubernetes, microservices, and serverless apps. 

“APIs are at the heart of the modern, cloud-native applications and services that are powering today’s digital businesses,” said Paul Fremantle, the CTO and co-founder of WSO2. “The latest release of our open-source WSO2 API Manager for full lifecycle API management builds on the proven technology that already powers billions of API calls daily to support these demands.”

Additional details are available here.

erwin WFH Impact Manager
The new erwin WFH Impact Manager provides organizations with a single source of intelligence regarding remote workers’ locations, communication preferences, and the processes, systems and technologies to support them in being productive and compliant.

It is a zero-code solution that is delivered via a multi-tenant SaaS environment using an organization’s own domain name, according to the company.

Additional details are available here.

Instana releases Context Guide
Instana’s Context Guide provides GUI-based access to the company’s underlying system model called the Dynamic Graph. 

The APM solution provides a graphical navigator through managed applications’ service architecture.

“A major challenge of modern Dev and Ops teams is the ability to see and understand what’s going on in complex application eco-systems,” said Chris Farrell, Instana technical director and APM strategist. “Instana’s new Context Guide allows any user to get an instant visualization of the upstream and downstream dependencies for any object or service in the application, without requiring any training or technical knowledge.”

CircleCI announces $100 million in funding
CircleCI said it will use the funding to further expand its CI/CD solution by delivering data and insights to its users, focusing on change validation, and supporting more complex software delivery needs.

“CircleCI is built around the belief that CI/CD is at the heart of DevOps,” said Jim Rose, the CEO of CircleCI. “This big bet that has been core to our strategy from day one and will continue to be as we look toward the future.”

Additional details are available here.