The release of LeanIX SaaS Intelligence uses machine learning and integrations to automatically capture, analyze and report all SaaS applications within the enterprise. 

According to the company, the new solution automatically identifies unmanaged contracts, duplicate licenses and wasted cloud software subscriptions. 

“We enable companies to make their IT landscape fully visible and easily manageable and thus establish smart governance – instead of erecting new barriers with restrictions. Independent access to software has positively changed the working world and accelerated processes,” said André Christ, the CEO and co-founder of LeanIX. “Companies need precisely this agility to be fit for the future – it’s part of the continuous transformation we’re seeing.”

CockroachDB 21.1 released

CockroachDB 21.1 aims to make it easier for organizations to tie data to a location by reducing the process to a few SQL statements. 

Userscan add CockroachDB nodes to another location and activate features without downtime, schema changes or manual sharding. 

“Your aspirations should not be constrained by your infrastructure. With CockroachDB 21.1, anyone can build their application from the beginning on a database that can take them from one cloud region to a global footprint, from three people in a garage to a multi-million dollar business,” said Spencer Kimball, the CEO and cofounder at Cockroach Labs. 

LinearB launches ‘Dev Interrupted’

The company behind software delivery intelligence launched the “Dev Interrupted” community, which consists of a Discord community, podcast, newsletter and events on the company website. 

“Dev Interrupted is a place to promote organic, forward-thinking ideas from the new faces of software engineering leadership.” said Dan Lines, the co-founder of LinearB  and host of the Dev Interrupted podcast. “It is not just a LinearB user community. We believe in creating a space that engineering leaders can come together, share ideas, have a bit of fun and have something tangible to take back and share with their teams.”

Synopsys technology alliance partner program

Synopsys added integrations for its application security orchestration solution that will make it easier for organizations to add automated application security controls to their DevOps toolchains.

The solution added integrations with popular source code management tools including BitBucket, GitLab and GitHub that enables developers to run security scans on their source code. 

It also includes integrations with CI/CD tools such as CloudBees, CircleCI, and Bamboo to provide a dedicated security testing pipeline that runs in parallel with build and release pipelines.