VMware announced that it completed the acquisition of Pivotal Software, a cloud-native platform provider.

“We believe that modern application development solutions and practices need to be easily accessible to everyday enterprises across the globe. With Pivotal’s developer capabilities as the foundation, we’ll focus on delivering consumable, enterprise-ready cloud native offerings to customers to help them achieve better business outcomes,” said Ray O’Farrell, the executive vice president and general manager of the Modern Applications Platform Business Unit at VMware.

According to VMware, Pivotal’s offerings will be core to the VMware Tanzu portfolio of products and services designed to help customers transform the way they build, run and manage their most important applications, with Kubernetes as the common infrastructure substrate.

Details on Magellan 2.0 released
Magellan 2.0 is a group of vulnerabilities that exist in SQLite and were verified to be able to exploit remote code execution in the Chromium render process.

Users of SQLite as a component who haven’t updated the latest patch, or users of Chrome that are using versions prior to 79.0.3945.79 with WebSQL enabled may be affected. However, the team noted that it didn’t find the vulnerability to have a public full exploit code.

More information is available here.

GitHub Enterprise now on AWS Marketplace
GitHub Enterprise is now available from the AWS Marketplace, enabling customers to choose from the self-serve for standard purchases of GitHub Enterprise Cloud or custom orders.

The custom orders include GitHub Enterprise Cloud (SaaS), GitHub Enterprise Server (on-prem, including in your AWS VPC), premium support levels, or services.

“With over 42 million developers on GitHub, we have many users that also rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’ve also received feedback that you may want to purchase GitHub Enterprise through the AWS Marketplace for compliance or budgetary reasons—and now you can,” GitHub wrote in a blog post.

Security patches for Git vulnerabilities
The Git project released a series of security patches to address multiple security vulnerabilities in versions 2.24 and older. Git especially recommends the updates for Git on Windows users.

The new releases contain partial support for rejecting pushes that exploit the vulnerabilities and the fixes will be included in the next patch release for users of GitHub Enterprise Server.

The full details on the patches are available here.

Google’s tips on website user experience
Google is releasing tips on how developers can improve their website user experiences. The company said the first step in improving the user experience of a website is to measure the site’s performance to understand what developments are needed and to track metrics on how the site performs in Google Search results using Search Console.

The next step is to design for optimal user experience by using one of three development frameworks: AMP, Responsive web design or Progressive web apps.

The last step is to keep mobile front of mind since the majority of users now access Google Search with a mobile device.

The detailed list of tips are available here.