MemSQL 7.0 was announced with an added ‘SingleStore’ enhanced system of record and time-series features to its operational data platform. 

“By bringing rowstore and columnstore tables together in a single database, SingleStore eliminates ETL and allows SQL queries to combine data from both types of tables,” MemSQL wrote in a post that described the latest release. 

MemSQL also introduced two new system of record features which it believes strengthen resilience and allows database content to survive server and software failures. New time-series enhancements were introduced as well. 

New Relic updates its Cloud Adoption Solution for AWS
New Relic updated its cloud adoption solution for AWS to help with migration, modernization and optimization of workloads. 

“Now customers, AWS professional services, and systems integrators can use this application to observe KPIs while delivering critical migration, modernization and optimization project—and thus making it even easier to accelerate cloud adoption,” New Relic wrote in a post.

The company also added AWS Retail competency and added managed service providers (MSPs).

Mozilla releases DeepSpeech 0.6
Mozilla announced DeepSpeech 0.6, an update to its automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine that aims to make speech recognition technology and trained models openly available to developers.

DeepSpeech v0.6 includes a host of performance optimizations including a new streaming decoder, which offers consistent low latency and memory utilization.

DeepSpeech v0.6 also  provides binaries for six platforms and has bindings to various programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, Go, Java, and .NET.

ShiftLeft and CircleCI team up on DevOps security
ShiftLeft and CircleCI announced that they strengthened DevOps security by inserting code analysis as far left as developer pull requests. 

“By enabling SAST at pull requests, the right developer gets the right vulnerability information at the right time. Developers can more efficiently address vulnerabilities in their respective code, improving the overall security of the final build,” the companies wrote in a post.

As part of the partnership, ShiftLeft Inspect will be free to CircleCI users for an unlimited number of applications and frameworks, totaling no more than 200,000 lines of code and 300 scans per year.