Microsoft is giving developers new ways to work with Windows. The company announced a new docs landing page and a new GitHub issues repo. 

The new landing page aims to help developers set up their development environments and optimize workflow on Windows. It will provide guidance and resources for working with Windows and using open-source tools alongside Microsoft apps and tools. Additionally, it will include ways to map Linux/Mac behaviors to Windows and provide the latest advancements and improvements in Windows. 

The new GitHub repo is a place where developers can submit and discuss issues directly with the Windows engineering team. Currently, it only supports developer-related performance issues but will include additional scenarios in the future as the team learns more about how to best handle issues. 

More information is available here

MuseDev provides early access to its code analysis platform
The Muse platform is now available on the GitHub marketplace. It is designed to help developers find and fix critical security, performance and reliability issues before they reach QA or production. 

“The Security / QA stage is often the last part of the development process to go ‘agile’. When security tools exist outside the development workflow, every bug they find slows down development by making developers revisit older code.” said Stephen Magill, CEO and co-founder of MuseDev. “ We wanted to make it easy to set up a process that delivers a high level of assurance without getting in the way. And that’s what we’ve delivered with Muse.”

Muse features the ability to find bugs and provide actionable results, advanced analysis, and support for a rand of team. As part of the early access launch, MusePro features are available for free for a limited time. 

Cloudera Foundation collaborates with Urban Institute in support of educational data
The Urban Institute collaboration is a part of the foundation’s Data4Change grantee program. The institute’s Educational Data Portal project provides access to billions of data points and aims to make data from different sources more accessible. With the Cloudera Foundation’s help, the institute hopes to implement data infrastructure with the ability to fulfill requests or visualizations in seconds. 

“As a result of the Foundation’s investment, any user, regardless of technical expertise, will be able to quickly and easily visualize data, make comparisons, and use evidence to drive better student outcomes,” said Graham MacDonald, Chief Data Scientist at Urban Institute. “Anyone — policymakers, advocates, nonprofits, journalists, and others — will be equipped to use the data to advance public good.”

Applitools announces winners of its cross browser hackathon
As part of the hackathon, Contestants were asked to author cross browser and cross device tests against real-world apps using a legacy cloud testing solution and Applitools Ultrafast Grid and Visual AI solutions. Contestants were judged based on test creation, execution time, coverage, analysis, collaboration, stability and auto-maintenance. 

“Cross platform testing is hard, it’s no wonder why so many companies skip this,” said Oluseun Orebajo, lead test practitioner at Fujitsu and diamond winner of the Hackathon. “The efforts to implement a comprehensive strategy using traditional approaches are astronomical. Applitools has totally changed the game with the Ultrafast Grid. What took me days of work with other approaches only took minutes with Ultrafast Grid! Not only was it easier, it’s smarter, faster, and provides more coverage than any other solution out there. I’ll be recommending the Ultrafast Grid to all of the clients I work with from now on.”

The list of winners is available here.

Xs:code announces analytics and vulnerability reporting solution for Chrome 
The free Chrome extension provides in-depth analytics on open-source repositories such as repository score, security analysis, maintenance and activity. Xs:code Insights was designed to help developers make educated decisions on the open-source repositories to use. 

“The information the app displays at the click of a button is invaluable, and the connection we provide to the original developer is extremely useful. The partnership with Snyk is further validation of the quality and value that we are providing to the open source community. We believe Insights will help more software companies discover our platform and discover more ways of working together, making open source better, for everyone,” said Netanel Mohoni, CEO of xs:code.