Neo4j has released a new business intelligence (BI) connector designed to bring live graph datasets to popular BI technologies such as Tableau, Looker, TIBCO Spotfire, Oracle Analytics Cloud and MicroStrategy.

The Neo4j BI Connector also allows users to create the visualizations and dashboards that will help extract the hidden value in data, and service to enrich traditional SQL-based analysis, according to the company. 

“The Neo4j BI Connector democratizes access to graph data for millions of business intelligence analysts, representing a market segment valued at well over $20 billion,” said Fawad Zakariya, SVP of business and corporate development at Neo4j. “Neo4j graph data plays an increasingly pivotal role in enterprise innovation and transformation and we continue to invest in our ecosystem to further our product and market leadership as well as meet rapidly growing customer demand.”

Additional details on Neo4j BI Connector are available here.

Microsoft finds remote code execution vulnerability

The company is working to fix two remote code execution vulnerabilities that exist in Microsoft Windows when the Windows Adobe Type Manager Library improperly handles a specially-crafted multi-master font – Adobe Type 1 PostScript format.

Updates that address security vulnerabilities in Microsoft software are typically released on Update Tuesday, the second Tuesday of each month to allow for partner quality assurance and IT planning. 

Additional details are available here.

New Android tools for mobile game dev announced
New Android tools for game development include Android Studio Profilers, which allows users to inspect and visualize how code is being executed; an Android Game Development Extension for Visual Studio; and an Android GPU Inspector.

The new Android GPU Inspector enables you to look deeply into an Android GPU and see detailed information about your game’s render stages and GPU counters. 

Also, the new Game Package Registry for Unity consolidates various Google APIs. Google is adding new ways to reach more devices and users. Additional details on the tools are available here.

Pluralsight announces new capabilities to its dev analytics solution
Pluralsight announced new capabilities to Flow that include new reporting and analytics tools, support for the increasingly popular mob and pair programming, deeper integration with Pluralsight’s Skills platform, and an enhanced user experience. 

The new proficiency report measures the skill proficiency of teams alongside the types of code used in each code commit, and mob/pair compatibility supports visibility into all commit types. 

Engineering can leverage Flow to eliminate bottlenecks, improve collaboration, expedite time to market, and enable software projects to produce the desired outcomes faster and more efficiently, according to the company. 

Additional details are available here.

HTTP protocol in ASP.NET Core 5.0
HTTP protocol in ASP.NET provides a set of static strings representing the current protocol versions. Users can access and use these strings when they need to provide a protocol.

Today, the most common protocols are HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 with a standard around HTTP/3 already being defined, according to the developers behind the project. 

Additional use cases of the protocol are available here.