Npm announced the first major update to npm Enterprise, delivering new security, compliance and developer experience features for working with JavaScript. 

According to the company, the new release can “provide powerful insights to engineering managers, administrators, and corporate security teams, enabling them to make their JavaScript development more reliable and secure.”

For security, administrators can now choose a maximum vulnerability level allowed for all in-house JavaScript projects, which will filter out any packages that don’t meet security requirements, the company explained in a post.

Also new are vulnerability reports, which provide a detailed analysis of packages that have been acquired from the public registry, and improved single-sign-on capabilities as well as user management improvements.

Microsoft open sources its recipe to pre-train BERT
Microsoft announced that it is open sourcing its recipe to pre-train Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) to enable customer to train custom versions of BERT-large models using their own data. 

The company says BERT is a language representation created by Google AI language research that is able to capture the intricacies of language and improve the state of the art for many natural language applications, such as text classification, extraction and question answering. 

“The creation of this new language representation enables developers and data scientists to use BERT as a stepping-stone to solve specialized language tasks and get much better results than when building natural language processing systems from scratch,” Microsoft wrote in a post

Anaxi adds Bitbucket support to manage GitHub, Jira from single interface
Project management software provider Anaxi announced Bitbucket support of the Bitbucket control repository for source code and development projects. Development teams can now use a single interface to manage software projects in GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, Jira Cloud and Server. 

“Anaxi’s app brings projects together in one place, making it easier for users to get insights that keep projects on track and maximize team productivity. By providing a holistic view, it’s possible to see both a high level of projects’ and peoples’ status while also drilling down to see details,” Anazi wrote in a post

The company said the Anaxi app connects directly with the users’ GitHub or Bitbucket repositories and/or Jira projects to maintain data privacy and security. 

The Coding Boot Camp at Johns Hopkins Engineering launches
A new coding boot camp is launching in Baltimore to help adult learners and working professionals gain the front-end and back-end skills necessary to become a fulls tack developer.

The boot camp is a colaboraiton between Trilogy Education and Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering. It will be a 24-week, part-time program that will begin in September.

“As is the case in cities across the country, Baltimore’s business landscape is transforming into a tech-focused economy,” said Dan Sommer, CEO and founder of Trilogy Education. “Companies across the region need to fill more technical roles than they can find talent for. The Coding Boot Camp at Johns Hopkins Engineering will encourage businesses to invest in the region by empowering more local professionals to make the transition into tech.”