Npm, Inc., is being purchased by GitHub. The companies announced the acquisition is officially completed. The public registry will remain public and free.

Npm is now focusing on engaging with the community, investing in the registry infrastructure and platform, and improving the core experience with work already being started for the npm v7 CLI as well as the Workspaces feature and improvements to the publishing and multi-factor authentication experience. 

“Looking further ahead, we’ll integrate GitHub and npm to improve the security of the open- source software supply chain, and enable you to trace a change from a GitHub pull request to the npm package version that fixed it,” GitHub wrote in a blog post.

Cloudflare Workers supports COBOL
Cloudflare supports COBOL by enabling developers to turn a COBOL program into a Worker. 

“Our work can be used by anyone wanting to compile COBOL to WebAssembly; the toolchain we used is available on GitHub,” Cloudflare wrote in a blog post.

The need for COBOL skills recently picked up attention as COBOL-based systems have been straining to keep up with unemployment claims. 

CLion 2020.1
CLion 2020.1 offers dozens of improvements across the IDE, and benefits for CUDA and embedded projects.

For embedded development, CLion included IAR compiler support and the ’PlatformIO for CLion’ plugin.

Additional details are available here.

Snowflake partners with Mobilize.Net 
Snowflake and Mobilize.Net partnered up to enable customers moving from legacy systems to efficiently migrate to Snowflake’s cloud data platform. 

The Mobilize software currently supports Teradata to Snowflake migrations, offering organizations the ability to migrate large data warehouses by transforming SQL (DDL, DML), stored procedures, and Teradata utility scripts (BTEQ, FLOAD, MLOAD, TPT, TPUMP) and the company is working to support Oracle. 

Additional details are available here.

Flutter teams up with CodePen for front-end developers and designers
CodePen announced that it is adding support for Flutter to offer developers and designers a new way to share design explorations, new techniques, and ideas. 

“With the new addition of a CodePen-based Flutter environment, creative professionals can now leverage CodePen to discover artistic Flutter inspirations, build up impressive Flutter portfolios, and showcase amazing Flutter ideas to the world,” CodePen wrote in a post.

Flutter is built similarly to DartPad, except has the advantage of an active design community, according to the company.