The OpenTelemetry .NET SDK has reached beta. Developers can now begin integrating the OpenTelemetry .NET SDK into their applications and libraries to capture and export metrics and traces.

The beta release also includes instrumentation libraries for ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, HTTP client, SQL client, and gRPC client.

While functional, beta components have not gone through thorough testing or benchmarking and are not recommended for production workloads, according to the OpenTelemetry .NET working group. 

Julia 1.5 released
The release of Julia 1.5 includes struct layout and allocation optimizations, multithreading API stabilization and improvements as well as other latency improvements.

The release also includes the return of “soft scope” in the REPL to Make the REPL behave like IJulia, and Julia versions 0.6 or earlier, and to keep the 1.0 behavior in files, to avoid breaking anybody’s code.

Julia ships with a built-in package manager called ‘Pkg’. In the past, ‘Pkg’ has downloaded packages directly from GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, or wherever else they happen to be hosted. 

Additional details are available here.

Google announces new security features
Google announced three new features to help protect websites and applications. 

The first is the beta release of Cloud Armor Managed Protection Plus, a bundle of products and services that helps protect internet-facing applications for a predictable monthly subscription fee. 

Also, Google-curated Named IP Lists is available as a beta and Google states that it is continuing to expand our set of pre-configured WAF rules by launching beta rules for Remote File Inclusion (RFI), Local File Inclusion (LFI), and Remote Code Execution (RCE).

Additional details on the security features are available here.

Apache weekly update
Last week, Apache Arrow 1.0.0, the cross-language development platform for in-memory analytics, was released. 

Apache Calcite 1.24.0 includes more than 80 resolved issues, comprising a lot of new features as well as performance improvements and bug-fixes and Apache Beam 2.23.0  includes both improvements and new functionality.

Also, this week Apache Commons Text 1.9, Apache Jackrabbit 2.21.3, Apache SkyWalking CLI 0.3.0 and SkyWalking Python 0.2.0 was released.

Additional details on the new releases are available here.