Python 2.7.18 has been released as the last Python 2 release to make more room for Python 3. 

“Python 2.7 has been under active development since the release of Python 2.6, more than 11 years ago. Over all those years, CPython’s core developers and contributors sedulously applied bug fixes to the 2.7 branch, no small task as the Python 2 and 3 branches diverged,” the developers behind Python wrote in a blog post.

Python 2 had major changes throughout its lifespan such as PEP 466’s feature backports to the ssl module and hash randomization.

Syncfusion announces new Flutter widgets web compatibility
Syncfusion announced new Flutter Widgets Web compatibility in the 2020 Volume 1 Essential release of Essential Studio. 

The widgets can create rich and high-quality mobile applications in iOS and Android with a single code base.

The five new widgets are: Barcode Generator, Date Range Picker, Range Selector, Range Slider, PDF Library.

Mabl announces new automated testing left capabilities and integrations
Mabl’s new automated testing left capabilities allow developers to integrate intelligent test automation earlier in the workflow with Local Runner and CLI as well as throughout the CI/CD pipeline with native BitBucket and GitHub integrations, according to the company.

Engineers can also now make isolated changes to mabl tests without affecting the master versions, making it easier to create and update tests against code branches.

These new capabilities are coupled with native integrations with Jira Server, Jira Data Center and Jira Cloud as a way to create Jira issues that contain rich diagnostic information from mabl test results. Selenium tests can also now be migrated into the mabl platform.

Additional details are available here.

Pantheon multidev tool now free for remote teams
WebOps platform Pantheon announced that it is now providing multidev features free of charge to help increase the productivity of remote marketing and development teams during COVID-19. 

Multidev is a feature branch workflow tool that enables web teams of all sizes to manage multiple work streams in the cloud. Teams can fork their entire stack to work independently, separating code and content as needed, and then merge all changes back into the master.

“These services are designed to help web teams meet the demand of enormous traffic spikes, collaborate in real-time using structured Agile workflows, get up and running quickly, and eliminate long-term operational burdens,” Pantheon wrote in a blog post.

Automation Anywhere announces free community edition
Automation Anywhere’s software bots are now free to enable business continuity and employee productivity amid the coronavirus (COVID-19).

It also includes a new library of ready-to-use software bots such as the remote employee cloud backup bot that automates repetitive, manual processes to help employees set up cloud backups that protect their work and the Excel data lookup bot. Additional details are available here.