Rust for Windows 0.9 was released with full consumption support, which allows users to call any Windows API using Rust language projection. 

“Rust developers have access to the entire Windows API surface in a language-idiomatic way, allowing them to easily take advantage of the power and breadth of Windows development,” Angela Zhang, program manager at Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

The new version also adds support for Win32 and COM APIs that unify the Windows APIs that are available for consumption through the windows crate along with several examples to the Rust for Windows repo and much more. 

OutSystems Cloud Accelerators for AWS 

OutSystems launched Cloud Accelerators for AWS that aim to accelerate innovation as soon as business imperatives change and enables developers to leverage the power of AWS in the OutSystems platform.

The Accelerators are a combination of components, samples and training that include digital identity verification, video call validation, a self-service chatbot, a customer and employee engagement virtual personal assistant and more. 

“The past year has put tremendous stress on businesses and compounded decades-old software challenges, hastening the need for innovation. We’re launching these capabilities to provide developers across all company sizes and industries with an accelerated path to building modern cloud applications fast, right, and for future change,” said Patrick Jean, the CTO of OutSystems. 

Pyston 2.2 released 

Pyston is an open-source implementation of Python designed to be faster and better performing. The v2.2  release includes optimizations to the language’s JIT and attribute cache mechanisms, resulting in 30% faster speeds than stock Python on web server benchmarks.

The developers behind the faster implementation of Python removed many of the rarely-used debugging features that Python supports.

“We continue to try and make Pyston as compelling and easy to use as possible. Working Pyston into your projects should be as easy as replacing ‘python’ with ‘pyston’,” Kevin Modzelewski, the founder of Pyston wrote in a blog post.

Apache Weekly update

Last week at the Apache Software Foundation saw the release of Apache Flink 1.13.0,  which added a reactive scaling model that scales streaming applications in and out like with any other application just by changing the number of parallel processes. 

New releases also included OpenOffice 4.1.10, UIMA Java SDK 3.2.0, Jackrabbit 2.12, HttpComponents Core 5.1.1 GA and Camel 3.7.4. 

The ASF recommends that users of Apache OpenOffice upgrade to v4.1.10 to mitigate legacy vulnerabilities and that a bug in Apache Airflow was found that reflected XSS via an original query argument in the URL. 

Additional details on all of the news from the ASF is available here.