Sentry announced that it is committed to contributing $100,000 to open source this year and said that it wouldn’t fund any larger organizations and would de-prioritize projects which it has already funded. 

The five projects that Sentry announced it would fund include Black, Gimli, PyPl, Pytest, and Structlog. 

“It’s easy for us to sponsor larger programs (as we’ve done with the Django Software Foundation and Python Software Foundation every year), but we often overlook the other numerous projects we rely on. We also wanted to make sure this wasn’t thought of as a contribution to future project development, but more as a way of saying thank you to projects which we’ve relied on over the years,” Sentry wrote in a blog post.

Appian announces robotic process automation platform 
Appian RPA augments Appian’s low-code automation platform with the ability to govern cloud-native Appian software robots in a unified automation stack.

Appian’s full-stack automation now combines AI, RPA, workflow, decision rules, and case management at the speed of low-code. 

The new solution also includes intelligent image recognition of objects on a screen, reducing errors in bot actions, the ability to deploy bots on a scheduled basis, “human in the loop” optimization, and detailed RPA audit trails. 

Deque brings ML to accessibility testing
Deque has integrated machine learning technology to perform visual analyses within  its axe Pro’s automated and intelligent guided testing solutions.

This significantly reduces the amount of manual work required to identify and fix accessibility issues, according to the company. 

Axe Pro’s guided testing tool leverages computer vision, which pulls semantic data from digital images, to analyze the visual content of an HTML page’s interface elements and their relationships to one another. 

Android Platform Codelab
The Android Platform Codelab has been published to help new Android operating system engineers quickly learn the tools and processes needed to establish a build environment, sync the repository, build a virtual device image, and load that image onto an Android virtual device (AVD), allowing quick iteration of platform changes.

The codelab explains environment setup, downloading of code, how to create a Cuttlefish Android Virtual Device (AVD) image, building the OS and more.

Additional details are available here

GitHub web notifications experience
GitHub announced a new web notifications interface to help users  take action on their notifications at their desk or on the go. 

After months of testing, learning, and iterating, the new web notifications interface is now the default experience on, GitHub said. 

More details are available here.