ShuttleOps unveiled a new no-code CI/CD platform powered by Chef, Docker & HashiCorp that includes prebuilt integrations to DevOps tools and a no-code pipeline editor. 

“The coded approach most vendors are taking to build CI/CD solutions only widens the skills gap, as most teams do not have highly-skilled DevOps engineers to implement, scale and maintain these solutions,” ShuttleOps wrote in a post.

Chef Software has partnered with ShuttleOps to provide native support for Chef Habitat, Chef’s application automation framework. 

Modus Kickstart launched for software development projects
Modus Create announced Modus KickStart, a structured set of workshops and deliverables designed to help customers prepare for a successful software development project.

Modus Kickstart outlines a framework for product discussions and feature prioritization based on key assumptions, constraints and KPIs, leading to a clearly defined product development plan.

Customers participate in a series of workshops that focus on goal alignment, user story mapping, system architecture, and more. 

Additional details are available here.

HPE GreenLake Central
HPE GreenLake Central is designed to help customers run, manage, and optimize their hybrid cloud estate using a single as-a-Service platform across public and private clouds, datacenter and edge workloads

The platform also suggests ways to prioritize spend through integration with Azure Access Manager and AWS Access Manager.

Data management, file storage capabilities, and extended co-location options are also included due to HPE GreenLake partnerships with Cohesity, Qumulo and CyrusOne

Additional details are available here.

Apache Maven Assembly Plugin 3.30 and Apache project updates
The Assembly Plugin for Maven allows users to aggregate the project output along with its dependencies, modules, site documentation, and other files into a single distributable archive. 

The new release includes bug fixes and new features such as the ability to allow UID/GID override and user name and group names for files stored in TAR, support for properties mapping, and support for the concatenation of files. 

Improvements include the added property groupldPath, added nonFilteredFileExtensions, and the ability to make build Reproducible. 

Additional details are available here.