Stackery announced provisioned concurrency support within Lambda management tools to help businesses with the issue of Cold Starts in serverless platforms. 

Previous solutions to the problem required rewriting the functions into languages with less start time, sending ‘warm up’ requests to Lambda before big traffic spikes, and giving more resources to Lambdas. 

“These tedious homebrew solutions have become no longer necessary, since Provisioned Concurrency from AWS can effectively eliminate cold starts with just a simple configuration adjustment,” said Stackery in a post about the solution. 

NGINX Controller 3.0
The new Controller simplifies the deployment, configuration, and monitoring of NGINX Plus instances that act as a web server, proxy, load balancer, API gateway, or a combination. 

“Deploying modern applications is hard. There are skills gaps. Automation hiccups. Cloud outages. Tool sprawl. As if writing code weren’t difficult enough, it’s increasingly hard to get code from the heads and hands of developers into production,” NGINX wrote in a post. “We believe Controller 3.0 is the industry’s first app‑centric approach to managing and delivering apps and APIs.”

New features in Controller 3.0 include a new self‑service portal that supports multiple roles, a new configuration API, a new app-centric user interface, and new services like a built-in certificate manager. 

Algorithmia expands support for source code management offerings
Algorithmia expanded its source code management offering by adding to the benefits of having a centralized repository for increased model management.

By connecting Algorithmia and GitHub accounts, the company explained users can store their source code on GitHub and deploy it to an algorithm in production on Algorithmia

“This way, multiple users can easily contribute to the same algorithm, collaborate on a centralized code base, and ensure code quality with best practices like code reviews through pull requests and issues tracking,” Algorithmia wrote in a blog post.

Syncsort partners with Databricks on mainframe data
Syncsort partnered with Databricks on mainframe data to support cloud initiatives for critical mainframe and IBM data. 

Enterprises can leverage Syncsort Connect products to access, transform and deliver mainframe data to Delta Lake for advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning projects.

“Data teams are looking for faster access to legacy data in the cloud for analytics and ML projects with Databricks,” said Michael Hoff, senior vice president of Business Development and Partners at Databricks. “This partnership with Syncsort will allow efficient delivery of mainframe data to the Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform so organizations can build reliable data lakes in the cloud at scale, with analytics-ready data.”