The newly launched Tasktop Flow Institute online community for business leaders offers custom courses and content to gain practical knowledge and skills, as well as better understand value stream management and Tasktop Flow Metrics, according to the company. 

“Becoming a software innovator means knowing how to measure what matters across your entire software portfolio,” said Mik Kersten, the CEO of Tasktop. “Meaningful and actionable measurement of flow is the critical piece needed to determine where organizations must address technical problems such as debt dead-ends, and where to allocate resources and talent. I’m proud that Tasktop is finally able to introduce The Flow Institute to help businesses meet this moment in a vibrant community built to share knowledge and expertise around flow.”

The courses cover topics such as outcome-based recognition of software development and business goals, provide ongoing input and knowledge around the impact of product-based thinking, and more. 

Bugsnag announces new user stability analytics
Combined with existing session stability analytics, the new user stability tool offers comprehensive insights into application health.

The insights help developers to set user stability targets, including SLO and SLA, as well as decide when a release is ready to be rolled out, and to correlate with other user-based metrics. 

“How your web and mobile apps perform in the real-world has a direct impact on user engagement, retention and, ultimately, business growth,” said James Smith, the co-founder and CEO of Bugsnag. 

Enso raises $6 million for app security
Enso’s platform is designed to be the inventory of record for all things AppSec, enabling teams to manage application security at scale with an unprecedented automated and standardized program, according to the company in a post.

Leveraging data from existing tools, the platform offers complete visibility across every application developed in an enterprise environment, granular analytic application security controls and a scalable program that is suitable for both nascent and mature AppSec teams.

“We’ve lived the chaos of enterprise application security firsthand, taking inventory blind and clashing with production deadlines. It isn’t sustainable, which is why we built a toolbox that is easy to deploy and can streamline the AppSec process to improve organization-wide security,” said Roy Erlich, the CEO and cofounder of Enso Security. “AppSec shouldn’t have to be stressful or adversarial. Enso aligns AppSec with the development process—without making security an obstacle.” and BMC team up on customer experiences 
The integration of AI-powered analytics with BMC Helix ITSM enables organizations to improve reliability, mitigate risk, and reduce the cost of mission-critical IT services.

By leveraging the Value Stream Platform AI-powered analytics engine, the fully integrated solution helps ensure that organizations have the right information, in the right context, at the right time so they can make the best possible data-driven decisions for their business.  

“The integration of AI-driven analytics with BMC Helix ITSM enables organizations to use business information as a strategic tool to prioritize changes, reduce incidents, and lower service and operations costs,” said Gaurav Rewari, the CTO and general manager of AI and VSM at