TimescaleDB 1.0 is now officially production ready. Originally introduced as an initial release candidate a few weeks ago, the database is the result of over two years of effort.

According to the team, TimescaleDB has been production ready for months, but with this release it is now enterprise ready and can support full SQL and scale.

New features since the first release candidate include time-series manipulation, elastically scaling hypertables across multiple disks, and better Windows, FreeBSD, and NetBSD support.

Apache Subversion v1.11.0 now available
The Apache Software Foundation has announced that Apache Subversion v1.11.0 is now available. Apache Subversion is a centralized software version control system characterized by its reliability as a safe place for important data, the simplicity of its model, and its ability to support the needs of a wide variety of users and projects.

Key improvements in this release include more robust shelving of changes in the working copy, interactive conflict resolution that supports more conflict situations, and a new command to write out a view specification that describes the current working copy shape.

Storj Labs v3 now in public alpha
Cloud storage company Storj Labs has announced that v3 of its platform is now in public alpha. Developers can begin testing the new version and prepare to build applications that can run on decentralized cloud storage.

The next stage of the alpha, expected early next year, will allow storage node operators to share their excess storage capacity.

This new Storj network was designed to scale into the exabyte range and it prioritizes simplicity and horizontal scaling, allowing users to easily migrate existing applications to the platform. It also had built-in Amazon S3 compatibility, making it easy to integrate into applications that currently use cloud storage.

The Rust community asks for beta feedback on Rust 2018
The Rust community is asking developers to try out the beta for Rust 2018. Long-term releases of Rust are released every three years, and the last one was in 2015 with a focus on stability. According to the team, the theme for Rust 2018 will be productivity.

Developers can try out Rust 2018 either by updating an existing project or starting a new one.