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Microsoft has announced the release candidate for TypeScript 4.2 New features coming in the next release of the programming language include: 

  • Leading/middle rest elements in tuple types
  • Smarter type alias preservation
  • Stricter checks for the in operator
  • Abstract construct signatures
  • Understanding project structure with –explainFiles
  • Improved uncalled function checks in logical expressions
  • Relaxed rules between optional properties an string index signatures
  • Declare missing helper function
  • Tuple size limits for spreads

The full list of upcoming changes is available here

Google announces App Quality section 
Google is launching a new App Quality section to help Android developers stay up-to-date with app quality aspects and related resources. 

“Since the launch of Android more than 10 years ago, the platform and the user’s expectations have grown. There are improvements from user experience through material design to the importance and advancement in privacy. We know you want your apps to offer a great user experience. At the same time, we also know that it’s not always straightforward to know which area to tackle first,” Hoi Lam on the Android App Quality team wrote in a blog post.

The release includes an update to the core app quality checklist, taking into consideration recent releases and current trends. Other highlights include visual experience, functionality, performance and stability, and privacy and security. 

The latest release of Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Platform
The 5.1 version of the platform features real-time computer vision capabilities that help users visualize information and respond to change to improve performance. Other updates include improved self-healing test assets and interactive insights from real users. 

“Delivering digital experiences that delight now determines business success,” stated Gareth Smith, general manager for Eggplant. “Organizations finally have a way to meet the needs of the most sophisticated users who will not tolerate even the slightest glitch or performance issue. These enhancements demonstrate our proven ability to automate every aspect of the testing lifecycle intelligently.”   

ThoughtSpot and Microsoft team up on cloud data
The new partnership will enable Azure Synapse users to access cloud data through augmented analytics. In addition, the ThoughtSpot Cloud will now be available on Microsoft Azure and provide search and AI capabilities for Azure Synapse Analytics and cloud data warehouses. 

“Creating true transformation with analytics requires the power of cloud data and insights in the hands of every employee to shape customer experiences and drive businesses forward. By partnering with Microsoft, our customers will be able to put search and AI-driven analytics for their cloud data to work more easily than ever before, identify new use cases, and relentlessly innovate,” said Sumeet Arora, chief development officer at ThoughtSpot.