The cloud-native release orchestration provider Vamp has announced the release of its Continuous Cloud Optimizer.

The machine learning optimization solution from Vamp automatically right-sizes the amount of resources needed to run applications in Kubernetes environments as a separate product as well as an add-on to its autonomous release technology, the company explained.

It tunes a wide range of relevant parameters, which can be both resource or application specific, against relevant performance SLA goals. 

“With Vamp Continuous Cloud Optimizer, we wanted to apply innovative technology to solve an issue new in the containerization space, where Kubernetes challenges are impeding  enterprise transformation journeys,” said Nico Vierhout, the CEO of Vamp. 

SmartBear’s new unified solution for API design and testing
SmartBear has integrated its API quality platform, ReadyAPI, with SwaggerHub, its API design and documentation platform. 

The integration streamlines the process of logging in to SwaggerHub from ReadyAPI as well as storing information for re-use when performing actions against SwaggerHub. 

“The consolidation under the ReadyAPI brand ensures these three powerful API tools are delivered in one centralized, intuitive platform while streamlining development moving forward,” the company wrote in a post that contains additional details.

Jamf acquires Mondada for its patch management capabilities
Apple Enterprise management company Jamf announced that it entered an agreement to acquire Mondada so that Kinobi patch management solutions can integrate with Jamf Pro. 

According to the company, this will allow organizations to extend Jamf Pro’s built-in patch management functionality to include all Mac applications within an environment. 

“Together, we will be able to save critical time for IT by streamlining the work required to maintain or update applications on macOS and provide additional visibility for compliance and compatibility while maintaining a seamless end-user experience,” said Jason Wudi, the chief technology officer at Jamf.

DataStax Fast 100 program aims to close the Apache Cassandra skills gap
The program enables swift enablement for partners with consultants certified and ready to deliver on Cassandra engagements within 30 days.

The program aims to help enterprises with business modernization, technical migrations, cloud-native data platforms, and various mission-critical use cases.

“The Cassandra skills gap is closing. We’re proud to help with our self-learning resources and the Fast 100 program to empower enterprises and developers who need the powerful NoSQL database to build and maintain reliable and scalable platforms for data-rich applications,” the company wrote in a post.