Google has announced WebView DevTools, a set of on-device debugging tools to diagnose WebView-caused crashes and misbehaving web platform features now available through WebView Beta.

“No software is bug-free and loading web content can be challenging, so it’s no surprise WebView crashes are a pain point for apps,” Nate Fischer, software engineer for WebView team at Google wrote in a blog post. “To help make these crashes more actionable, we’re exposing first-class access to WebView’s built-in crash reporter.”

Through the built-in crash reporter, users can see if the crash report has been uploaded to the servers, force-upload it if necessary, and subsequently file a bug. It also includes controls for experimental features. 

Udacity to train developers in next generation of computer vision and AI at the edge
Udacity announced that the Intel Edge AI for IoT Developers Nanodegree program is now open for enrollment to all.

“Optimizing direct deployment of models on edge devices requires knowledge of unique constraints like power, network bandwidth and latency, varying compute architectures and more,” Udacity wrote in a blog post. “The skills this class delivers will allow students to implement learnings on real-world applications across a variety of fields.” 

The program will introduce students to the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit, which allows developers to deploy pre-trained deep learning models through a high-level C++ or Python inference engine API integrated with application logic.

DataStax previews build of Kong with Astra support
DataStax’s preview of Kong with support for DataStax Astra brings a cloud-native database-as-a-service (DBaaS) built on Apache Cassandra. 

“This integration with Astra creates a turnkey experience for projects of any level of scale, small or large. If a developer is using Kong to manage APIs and microservices, they now can easily use Cassandra in the cloud with Astra,” DataStax wrote in a blog post.

In addition, developers who take advantage of the integration can now manage all of their data on Astra, which enables them to simplify application development, reduce administrative overhead, and decrease costs while securing and scaling applications that require lots of data, according to DataStax.

Apache announces new notification scheme features for git repositories
The Apache Infrastructure team announced new features for projects wishing to update their notification schemes for git/github activity on their own.

This includes the .asf.yaml file, projects which can now define notification schemes for their repositories.

Also, the team launched some corrective measures for repositories where github activity did not result in proper relaying to Apache’s mailing lists.

Additional details are available here.

Apache project updates
Apache’s updates from last week include the release of Apache Kafka 2.5.0, Apache Libcloud 3.0.0 for cloud computing, as well as Apache Groovy 2.5.11 and 3.0.3 language updates. 

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache ShardingSphere also moved up to a  Top-Level Project

The full list of updates is available here.