Astro is a web framework for building fast and content-focused websites that has gained many new features since its original beta announcement in April.  

The latest release, 1.0, was released earlier this week. It includes new <Image /> and <Picture /> components, MDX support with standard syntax for mixing UI components in Markdown, server output that is now stable and available for production use, and an upgrade to the internal build engine, Vite. 

“This v1.0 release symbolizes our commitment to API stability and production-readiness going forward. If you have been waiting to give Astro a try, now is a great time to start,” the developers behind Astro 1.0 wrote in a post. “A lot has changed since we first launched Astro is no longer just a static-site builder. You can now build Astro to a dynamic, SSR-ready server on any popular hosting platform. Additionally, our ecosystem has exploded into 100+ integrations and keeps growing to cover more and more features and use-cases.”

Developers can build with their favorite UI framework whether that’s React, Preact, Svelte, Vue, Solid, or Lit and pull from content sources such as CMS, Markdown, Databases, and APIs. 

The project is the result of over 5,000 commits from 400 different contributors. Additional details on the project are available here