Open VSX Registry is an open source alternative to the Visual Studio Marketplace. Developers can use it to search for extensions for editors that support VS code extensions, such as Eclipse Che, Eclipse Theia, Salesforce Code Builder, Google Cloud Workstations, Gitpod, and SAP Business Application Studio.  

It was created by the Eclipse Foundation. Companies can contribute their own extensions to the registry, and the registry can also be self-hosted internally to give developers access to extensions. 

The registry currently has about 3,000 extensions from over 1,500 different publishers. Since the project’s release in 2021, over 40 million extensions have been downloaded, with over 2 million being downloaded every month. 

Recently the Eclipse Foundation announced that because of significant growth to the project, they would be forming a working group around the project. The Open VSX Working Group will manage and accelerate adoption of the project. 

“By creating a vendor-neutral home with a true open source model for these extensions, we can ensure that this marketplace is guided by the community, and not just a single vendor,” Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation.