Sparx Systems: An essential partner

Today’s IT teams need to deliver business-relevant capabilities in Agile, scalable and reusable ways. Using Sparx Systems’ tools and services, architects, solution developers, business analysts and others can translate business requirements into working systems that advance business objectives.

“Teams need a single, holistic view of the enterprise and its endeavors,” said Geoffrey Sparks, Sparx Systems founder and CEO. “Enterprise Architect provides that insight from a wide range of viewpoints including strategic, operational, development, and integration.”

Sparx Systems is among the 2018 SD Times 100 for its continued innovation in the Development Tools category. Enterprise Architect, Sparx Systems’ flagship product, is a visual modeling and design platform used by more than 740,000 users worldwide, including 81% of Fortune 100 Global firms and more than 210 American government departments operating at the county,state and federal levels.

Sparx services provides expert guidance
Software is now an integral part of an organization’s ecosystem, vision, strategy and goals. Sparx Services provides organizations with the tools,skills, training and consulting they need to become more productive and have greater impact. Sparx Services also leads the worldwide partner ecosystem of more than 160 companies. The regional service organizations partner with global engineering and support teams so customers always have access to the resources they need.

“Sparx Services helps tailor Enterprise Architect so modeling teams can get the best benefit from the modeling approach,” said Sparks. “We help you deal with the modeling standards your business needs and support you through the challenges.”

Customers taking advantage of Sparx Services are able to identify the proper model representation for their question so they can avoid over-engineering or under-engineering.

“The challenges our customers face can’ t just be solved by a set of tools. Skills, training and consulting are part of the solution as well,” said Sparks. “Sparx Services allow us to engage with customers more deeply. In fact, our employees spend 400 – 500 [man] days per year at a customer site to help them find their modeling approach and drive as much value as they can with Enterprise Architect.”

For example, the European Union’ s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) has recently driven the need for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

“A lot of companies have failed at EAM because they approached it as a project when it is a really a journey for the entire company to produce only the information actually required to fulfill the company’ s needs,” said Sparks. “Sparx Services and EnterpriseArchitect enable you to focus on what matters.”

Align IT and the business
Enterprise Architect has continued to evolve with software trends since its first commercial release in 2000. Organizations use the platform to model and visualize complex systems from the enterprise level down to the engineering and software levels.

The latest version, Enterprise Architect 14, and Pro Cloud Server together enable the sharing of architectures, designs and modeled content with a broader audience than just IT. Pro Cloud Server is a central hub for connecting and synchronizing the views to a wide range of other tools including Jira, Doors, TF and more.

“IT leaders have been talking about digital transformation over the past couple of years, and a big part of that is changing the way technologists work with other parts of the company,” said Sparks. “With Pro Cloud Server, the rich wealth of information created by architects and software development teams can be shared with non-technical audiences, enabling the company to leverage diverse ideas from across the organization.”

Enterprise Architect is an enterprise-grade platform that integrates vertically into PLM and horizontally into ALM. Its unique capabilities enable users to create their own Model Driven Generation (MDG) technology with a meta modeling standard, or even a combination of standards, to ensure complete modeling support throughout the enterprise. It can be tailored to support any kind of customer process and integrate specific customer rules and guidelines.

“Enterprise Architect enables you you model the connective tissue of your organization,” said Sparks. “In order to be Agile and move quickly, you need to have the architectures and roadmaps to guide you to where you want to go.”

EnterpriseArchitect supports many industry standards, including TOGAF, SysML, BPMN, BIZBOK, BABOK, DoDAF, NIEM, and others, each of which provide a framework software teams can use to accelerate delivery of business capabilities. Its powerful breadth and depth of capabilities can be adapted to suit the unique requirements of individual groups, simply by hiding features that are not relevant. Conversely, Enterprise Architect allows the addition of new functionality and windows, and new wizards capable of supporting any custom process. That way,when an event occurs, model changes can be validated, and users can follow a predefined process that avoids mistakes.

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