Sparx Systems has announced the release of Enterprise Architect 15.2. Enterprise Architect is a modeling platform for software development. According to the company, this release expands core modeling capabilities and adds new collaboration and simulation tools. 

New collaboration features include peer-to-peer chat and streamlined reviews, discussions, notifications, and processes. 

Enterprise Architect 15.2 also adds new UI windows and tools that will expose useful features of the program, like Model Views, Traceability, Searching, and Model Navigation. 

New math tools include integration with MATLAB, Octave, and the Cephes Math Library, as well as Modelica integration enhancements.

In addition, this release adds to icon sets for Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. 

JavaScript updates in this release include a new Dynamic Chart API, instant charts based on Simulation results, and simplified ways to edit underlying JavaScript code for models. 

Sparx also announced the release of Pro Cloud Server (PCS) version 4.2. This version adds a number of new features, including Prolaborate’s Element Editor and Relationship Matrix; WebEA’s support for Model Mail, Decision Tables, Properties editing, and more; support for Active Directory; and new Floating License Server options. 

“For system engineers, process designers and others who need access to advanced mathematical tools within the modeling environment, the many new mathematical integrations and capabilities within EA significantly expand the modeling environment,” said Geoffrey Sparks, CEO of Sparx Systems. “For teams and for others who share their models and work together, the streamlined collaborative capabilities provide an immediate and very real boost to productivity, accuracy and engagement, especially at times when project stakeholders, modelers, architects and managers are constrained to work at a distance.”