As a part of Visual Studio 2022, Microsoft added new ways for users to personalize documents so that users can code the way they want to. These new features focus on flexibility and inclusivity for working with documents and managing tabs.

Users can now color file tabs by project, a highly requested item on the Developer Community forum. In addition, color tabs can function as a useful organizational tool for users who have learning differences or problems focusing. 

In addition, now users can also bold current active tabs, change the tab width, and add an extra close button at the top of the document. Some other ways users can personalize Visual Studio include installing custom themes, converting VS Code themes to work in Visual Studio 2022, or synching VS themes to Windows themes.

Sparx Systems announces Enterprise Architect 16.0 beta

Sparx Systems announced that Enterprise Architect 16.0, a precise and intuitive modeling and design platform that integrates exploration and invention, is now in beta. The features of this beta release focus on modeling, collaboration, and governance; enhanced technologies; and tools, framework, and user experience.

The new features provided in version 16 offer users a richer and cleaner experience. Among these features are: 

  • The ability to select and apply a template to initial document creation
  • More details on setting sections
  • Improved content list, now contains element and template being used for each dynamic section
  • Progress bar to provide better feedback during document generation
  • Warning are now displayed in cases where data would be lost upon updating a dynamic section
  • Custom document elements can now be created via Diagram Toolbox
  • Enhancements and visibility updates
  • And expanded and easily reached help information 

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Amazon RStudio on Amazon SageMaker now available

Amazon announced the general availability of RStudio on Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed RStudio Workbench IDE in the cloud. 

Now, administrators can have an easy experience to migrate their RStudio environments to integrate into Amazon SageMaker as well as bring existing RStudio licenses to manage through AWS License Manager. In addition, users can now onboard R and Python developers to the same Amazon SageMaker domain using AWS Single Sign-On or AWS Identity and Access Management.

MongoDB certified for ISO and CSA compliance 

MongoDB today announced its certification for compliance with ISO 27017:2015 and ISO 27018:2019. These compliance certifications come in addition to the company’s existing ISO 27001:2013 certification as well as the completion of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security Trust and Risk (STAR) Level 2 certification.

These certifications came following MongoDB Atlas for Government achieving the FedRAMP designation of “In-Process” reflecting the company’s progress toward a FedRAMP Authorized modern data platform for the U.S. Government. 

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