Devart Team gladly announces the release of SQL Complete v. 3.5, which now supports all versions and editions of SQL Server, column picker, extended T-SQL syntax and many other.

The new version was designed to push the IntelliSence usability and application performance in general to the maximum. SQL Complete v. 3.5 acquired not only the enhanced usability qualities but also a new look of the suggestion list.

SQL Complete v. 3.5 includes the following features:

Support of SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server Compact Edition
• As support for the new version of SQL Server was introduced together with full support for Compact Edition, developers got an opportunity to use the advanced SQL IntelliSense functionality with any server version and edition, starting with SQL Server 2000 and up to SQL Azure.

Column picker feature
• New functionality will enable users to create SELECT and INSERT queries, allowing to define column lists for selecting, grouping, sorting and inserting without typing any code at all. The suggestion list appearance was changed, the support of hierarchical table columns, alongside with the display of data type information, was added.

Intellisense in SQLCMD mode
• Scripts that are executed with the help of the command line utility, are usually parametrized. But often it is the reason of the fact that ability to show correct suggestions for objects is lost, because database or schema name can be a variable. Now SQL Complete solves this problem. Values of variables are taken from the text of the document and object suggestions work as with an ordinary SQL script.

Automatic formatting of keywords on typing
• Keywords are formatted according to the option settings. This will help to avoid appearance of keywords written in different registry, when part of them was inserted from the suggestion list and part was typed manually.

Extended and revised SQL Snippets
• SQL Server Complete v. 3.5 contains the revised code templates as well as some new ones,  and the behaviour of the suggestion list on selecting a template was also changed. This facilitates the process of choosing the needed template and reduces the amount of time  typing recurring code constructions. By and atour, users can create their own SQL snippets with the help of the special editor.
Extended T-SQL syntax support
• Context-sensitive prompt of objects in the MERGE statement and a number of SQL Server 2012 T-SQL constructions is supported.

SQL formatting improved
• Formatting of procedure and function code, CASE statements, comments, and column list inserted on wildcard expansion is improved.

Express edition feature set extended
• The free Express edition of SQL Complete v. 3.5  is also improved. Now it supports SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server Compact Edition. Besides, information on columns is expanded, and hierarchical list structure that simplifies working with SELECT and INSERT statements is also available in the free edition.

Pricing and Availability
Consumers can give the updated dbForge SQL Complete a test drive by downloading the 30-day trial Standard edition at the product download page. SQL Complete’s Standard edition is available for an estimated retail price of $99.95.

Those who want to get more than SSMS IntelliSense can give but don’t need code completion features, are welcome to try the free Express edition.

Devart Team is aiming to create the products that will perfectly meet users demands and is always glad to receive comments and suggestions.To leave feedback, users can go to the dbForge SQL Complete feedback page.