The Elements of Success

It takes a test tube of innovation, a beaker of leadership and a graduated cylinder of “buzz” to create the chemistry required to be the software industry’s best. And that’s who the editors of SD Times have recognized for 2014. Judged by the editors of SD Times each spring, the SD Times 100 recognizes the … continue reading

Azul Systems

Java developers choose Azul for real-time business apps Developers building business applications often grapple with Java Virtual Machine (JVM) issues. Azul Systems focuses exclusively on Java and the JVM, offering fully supported, standards-compliant Java runtimes designed and optimized for today’s real-time business. “Our business is all about supporting customers in truly mission-critical environments,” said Scott … continue reading

Text Control

Text control introduces HTML5 support In today’s fast-paced world, business professionals want fast, easy ways to communicate important information.  With TX Text Control, developers can easily integrate powerful reporting and word-processing functionality into their Windows client and cross-browser applications. Text Control offers developer components for client rich text editing, spell checking, barcodes, server-based word processing, … continue reading


Dundas enables dashboard flexibility Developers building business applications need flexible tools that can help them keep pace with changing end-user expectations. Rather than building a proprietary dashboard solution or accepting the limitations of other offerings, more than 800 organizations in 150 countries choose Dundas Dashboard. Using Dundas Dashboard, businesses such as Bank of America, KPMG, … continue reading

New Relic

New Relic powers software analytics Organizations use data to optimize online and mobile experiences as well as to make better business decisions. More than 100,000 New Relic customers are doing all of that faster, easier, and with greater flexibility than ever before. And the insights are transforming their businesses. “We provide data about customer behavior … continue reading


Master Software quality with Coverity Software teams are under pressure to deliver software faster while improving its overall quality and ensuring its security. As time pressures and software scale and complexity continue to increase, traditional, QA-centric approaches to testing are no longer sufficient. Coverity helps organizations transform their testing approaches from reactive to proactive so … continue reading


Improve speed and quality with Parasoft Today’s businesses not only run on software, their reputations depend on it. As a result, software teams have to deliver better-quality software faster to keep their companies competitive. To avoid having to choose between speed and quality, more than 7,000 organizations around the world depend on Parasoft. “Software has … continue reading


Put quality first with SOASTA The best websites and mobile apps aren’t the ones that look good; they’re the ones that simultaneously engage users and deliver exceptional performance. Using SOASTA technology, digital businesses have the ability to deliver exceptional user experiences by executing more functional, performance, and end-user scenario tests in less time. “Testing is … continue reading


Zephyr helps teams to legendary testing Enterprise software teams vary greatly with geographically dispersed teams using different methodologies and tools. Despite these variances, testing departments must ensure consistent quality. Using Zephyr’s test management products, enterprises of all sizes can manage their testing departments more effectively, accelerate test cycles, reduce costs, and provide project teams with … continue reading

Melissa Data

Improve data quality with Melissa Data Today’s businesses compete on data. As organizations rely on more data sources to improve the effectiveness of their sales and marketing efforts, the need for better data quality becomes obvious. Using Melissa Data’s customer data quality and data integration solutions, more than 5,000 companies are standardizing and verifying international … continue reading


Developers prefer Aspose file format APIs Developers building business applications depend on Aspose to provide the most complete set of file format APIs and components across all platforms. Its .NET, Android, and Cloud APIs allow developers to build powerful Microsoft Office-like and other capabilities into their applications without requiring the brand name products on the … continue reading

LEAD Technologies

LEAD powers imaging development When looking at the imaging software development toolkit industry, LEAD Technologies stands above the competition. For the third year in a row LEAD has won an SD Times 100 award, this time in the APIs, Libraries, & Frameworks category. We had a chance to sit down with LEAD Technologies to discuss … continue reading

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