Swiftpage, a leading provider of integrated marketing and CRM solutions for individuals, small businesses and mobile sales teams, today launched the third-generation of the Saleslogix Mobile platform and its accompanying application (app) for smartphones and tablets.

In conjunction, the company also introduced a new mobile-only, software-as-as-service (SaaS) based subscription option that gives companies an easy and cost-effective way to get started with the award-winning CRM platform, or expand their current implementation to more mobile-only users.

The announcements were made at the company’s first annual International Partner Conference taking place now in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  The conference brings together Swiftpage partners from throughout the world to collaborate, share knowledge and learn new ways of maximizing their growth opportunities.

President and CEO H. John Oechsle presented the opening keynote at the conference, detailing the company’s “All-In on Mobile” strategic focus and explaining the company’s increasing emphasis on a “mobile-first” design approach for its software.
“From the beginning, Saleslogix Mobile has been purpose-built for a mobile experience, giving users maximum flexibility, the right balance of features, and simplified pricing. Now, with our All-in on Mobile strategy, we’re accelerating our mobile roadmaps to get SaaS-, smartphone- and tablet-based innovations to market faster. This is what we mean by putting mobile first. We’re going all-in on this, in parallel with driving our on-premises roadmaps just as aggressively.”

Saleslogix Mobile 3.0
Pointing to progress already made on the strategy, senior vice president and general manager of Saleslogix Lorcan Malone explained the differentiated design of Saleslogix Mobile 3.0, intended to give users more of what they want, and less of what they don’t.

“Improvements introduced in this, our third-generation of the platform, are based on comprehensive research conducted with the user community on what they want most from their mobile applications,” said Malone. “What we learned is that users are often frustrated by mobile platforms and applications from competitors because they force the user into changing the way they conduct their daily interactions, workflows and, in the worst cases, how they operate their business overall. The primary takeaway from the data is that users want mobile apps that work for them, not the other way around.”

In response to the study findings, the latest Saleslogix Mobile release includes a totally redesigned app for smartphones and tablets.  The new app can be extensively customized to match company workflows, the industry segments the company serves, and individual work styles.  As a result, the app enables users to access their most important information and take their highest priority actions with a single tap.  Built in HTML5, the app is designed to deliver the same high-quality experience across a broad range of devices2, and automatically adjusts to present the optimum interface for the screen size on which it is running.

“We see the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) trend accelerating, so building all of our apps in HTML5 was the clear choice for us,” added Malone.  “This will help ensure users have the same great experience on each of the devices they already use and prefer, and make it easier and faster for them to upgrade to new devices in the future.”
To help users get started as quickly as possible, the app comes pre-configured with standardized workflows based on results from the company’s next-generation CRM user study.

In the starting configuration, when a user enters the application they are immediately presented with a simple, intuitive and touch-optimized list of the most important next actions to be taken with each of their customers.
With a single tap, a user can see all interactions that have taken place with a customer, add a new action for that customer, initiate an interaction, enter an interaction notation, and so forth.

New Mobile-Only Subscription Options
In conjunction with the new mobile platform and app, the company also introduced two new subscription options designed for individuals and workgroups who do the majority of their business on the go, and therefore have no need to access CRM through the desktop.  Both options provide all of the benefits of the award-winning Saleslogix CRM platform, accessed exclusively through the Saleslogix Mobile app for smartphones and tablets.

Option one gives customers a new, fully SaaS-based implementation of Saleslogix with mobile-only access for each user, for a single price of $25 per-user, per-month.  It also includes one user-seat for accessing a complete, cloud-based version of Saleslogix Enterprise edition for system administration and complete customization options via web browser.  One hour of training per-user is provided by Swiftpage Customer Service to help ensure customers can begin benefitting from the solution as quickly as possible.  A minimum number of users is required and varies regionally.

A second option provides existing Saleslogix customers a simple and cost-effective way to add mobile-only users to any type of existing deployment, including on-premises, cloud-based or hybrid configurations. With this option, customers can add mobile-only users on a subscription basis, for a single price of $25 dollars per-user, per-month, or for $395 per-person for a perpetual license, with no minimum user requirements.