Syncfusion, Inc., the developer solutions company of choice, announced today the release of Essential Studio 2015 Volume 2. The release includes dozens of new controls and features, particularly for web and mobile development for JavaScript, Xamarin, and Windows Phone platforms.
“Essential Studio 2015 Volume 2 provides new components and features to help enterprise developers build solutions for web and mobile ecosystems that are more diverse than they have ever been,” said Daniel Jebaraj, vice president of Syncfusion. “The boundaries between the two continue to blur, and the wide adoption of technologies such as Xamarin and JavaScript reinforce Essential Studio as the premier solution for all aspects of enterprise development across all platforms.”
In concert with the release of Essential Studio 2015 Volume 2 is Syncfusion JavaScript Playground, an IDE-like environment that greatly simplifies creating and sharing code samples that use Syncfusion JavaScript components. It includes a built-in live previewer capable of generating web, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone previews within a browser alongside the code being written, and allows code samples created in JavaScript Playground to be downloaded and edited offline. With support for all Syncfusion JavaScript components, as well as popular third-party libraries like jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and Knockout, JavaScript Playground is a vital tool for web developers hacking out new interfaces or experimenting with new designs.
Cross-platform development is made easier with new components for Xamarin, a C#-based framework for building native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. At the forefront of new Xamarin.Forms controls is a high-performance DataGrid control that provides a smooth, responsive experience for end users, and a robust built-in feature set for developers. For Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS, a new Maps control streamlines displaying geographical data, and a new NavigationDrawer control, modeled after the native Android component, grants developers the ability to organize content beyond the edges of a display. AutoComplete and NumericTextBox controls round out the new Xamarin controls to give developers sophisticated tools for capturing user input.
The Windows Phone platform also receives new AutoComplete and NavigationDrawer controls, as well as several new color palettes for the Windows Phone Chart control.
Other significant highlights in Essential Studio 2015 Volume 2 include:
New Spreadsheet control for WinRT.
New Maps, AutoComplete, and NavigationDrawer controls for native Android and iOS development.
Unbound rows in the WPF DataGrid control.